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Dunkirk: A Personal Perspective
Broadcast: 1950
Memories of Dunkirk by those who were there.

The Sky at Night : The Moon
Broadcast: 1960
Man goes into space - next stop: the moon!

The Sky at Night : Life on the Moon
Broadcast: 1961
Is there life on the moon?

Chronicle : Roman Goose March
Broadcast: 1966
A waddle along the Ridgeway discovers how much ground a goose can cover.

Chronicle : Silbury Dig: The Heart of the Mound
Broadcast: 1968
Television and archaeology unite to discover Bronze Age Britain.

Chronicle : The Great Iron Ship
Broadcast: 1970
Brunel's huge iron ship, SS Great Britain, returns to Bristol.

Chronicle : Cracking the Stone Age Code
Broadcast: 1970
What was Stonehenge for? One man thinks he knows.

Chronicle : The Key to the Land of Silence
Broadcast: 1977
How the Rosetta Stone translated ancient Egypt to the modern world.

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