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State Organised Medicine
Broadcast: 1943
Two doctors debate the pros and cons of joining a National Health Service.

Stuffing Their Mouths with Gold
Broadcast: 1982
A history of the NHS as recalled by some who were there at the beginning.


The BBC takes stock of government negotiations with doctors.
Written: 1948
An agreement between Doctors and the NHS now seems inevitable.

Radio doctor topics: Shingles and Dandruff
Written: 1947
The Radio doctor's producer suggests broadcasting about shingles and repeating advice about dandruff.

Ideas for Slimming Advice
Written: 1951
The BBC considers publishing diet sheets.

'Radio Doctor' on Chilblains
Written: 1947
Dr Charles Hill gives his opinions on the causes and treatments of chillblains.

'Radio Doctor' on Vitamins.
Written: 1945
What the BBC should say about vitamins.

Radio doctor topics: Boils
Written: 1947
Does vitamin C really help boils?

Radio doctor topics: Chilblains
Written: 1947
Should the BBC admit that doctors can't help to cure chillblains?

Scheduling Radio Doctor Recordings
Written: 1946
Will the Radio Doctor be too busy negotiating with the government to broadcast?

'Radio Doctor' calls for Public Debate on Health
Written: 1943
Dr Hill explains the importance of allowing public debate about the health service.

Radio doctor topics: Psoriasis
Written: 1947
Could a talk on psoriasis be useful?

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