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Panorama : Panorama Goes to Berlin
Broadcast: 1961
'Berlin presents the most crucial problem which faces mankind today.'

Panorama : Berlin
Broadcast: 1961
Robin Day reports on the newly built Berlin Wall.

Panorama : Cuba
Broadcast: 1962
After 'one of the most dangerous weeks in history', what now for the world?


Memo from Controller of BBC1 to Head of Comedy
Written: 1968
Paul Fox justifies his instructions to re-edit the 'Dad's Army' title sequence.

Argument about Opening Titles of 'Dad's Army'
Written: 1968
Head of BBC Comedy defends 'Dad's Army'.

Memo from Controller of BBC1 to David Croft
Written: 1970
Controller of BBC1 Paul Fox sends a letter of congratulations to the producer of 'Dad's Army', David Croft.

Programme Review Board Minutes for 'Dad's Army'
Written: 1968
BBC executives review the first episode of 'Dad's Army'.

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