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Letter from Clive Dunn's agent
Written: 1968
Clive Dunn's agent confirms billing order.


Lance Corporal Jack Jones (Clive Dunn) alongside his multi-faceted butcher's van.

The Cast, from the first episode, 'The Man and the Hour'.

Corporal Jones in a Haystack

The cast, from the 1971 Christmas Special 'Battle of the Giants!'

The Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard surround a belligerent ARP Warden Hodges in the 1971 Christmas Special 'Battle of the Giants!'

The last parade.

Corporal Jones and Mrs Fox get married.

The Dad's Army cast pay tribute to the real Home Guard.

Cricketer Freddie Trueman with the Dad's Army cast.

The Dad's Army cast dressed as knights alongside local girl guides, sea scoutsm and digitories.

The cast celebrate the 30th anniversary of Dad's Army.

Bill Pertwee, Clive Dunn and Ian Lavender

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