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Chamberlain returns from Munich with Anglo-German Agreement
Recorded: 1938
Richard Dimbleby is at the scene of Chamberlain's return from Munich.

Chamberlain Returns from Negotiations with Hitler
Recorded: 1938
Chamberlain returns from a meeting with Hitler in Bad Godesberg.

Richard Dimbleby Describes Belsen
Broadcast: 1945
The broadcaster recounts the horrors of Belsen.

The Royal Wedding, 1947 : Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten
Broadcast: 1947
Crowds cheer as the happy couple emerge from Westminster Abbey.

The Restless Sphere : The Story of the International Geophysical Year
Broadcast: 1957
The duke reveals the questions that this international scientific project will seek to answer.

Panorama : Duke of Edinburgh on Employment
Broadcast: 1961
The Duke of Edinburgh talks about the importance of skills in the modern workplace.

Panorama : Panorama Goes to Berlin
Broadcast: 1961
'Berlin presents the most crucial problem which faces mankind today.'

Panorama : Cuba
Broadcast: 1962
After 'one of the most dangerous weeks in history', what now for the world?

Panorama : Divorce
Broadcast: 1963
Will changing the divorce law make Britain more 'divorce minded'?

Panorama : Race Problems around the World
Broadcast: 1964
Racial tension around the world grows at the moment Nelson Mandela is imprisoned.

Panorama : Bank Holidays
Broadcast: 1964
Just how bad will the bank holiday traffic be 20 years from now - in 1984?

Panorama : Tributes to Churchill
Broadcast: 1965
Churchill's death inspires messages of condolence from world statesmen.

The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill : Part 4
Broadcast: 1965
The final journey of Winston Churchill.

The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill : Part 1
Broadcast: 1965
London pauses as the state funeral procession begins.

The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill : Part 2
Broadcast: 1965
The approach to St Paul's Cathedral and the commencement of the service.

Homage to a Great Man: Sir Winston Churchill
Broadcast: 1965
The life of Winston Churchill in pictures.

The State Funeral Of Sir Winston Churchill : Part 3
Broadcast: 1965
The conclusion of the service and the journey towards Tower Hill.

The Queen in Germany : State Visit to Germany: Berlin
Broadcast: 1965
HM Queen Elizabeth II visits West Berlin at the height of the Cold War.

Dunkirk Revisited
Broadcast: 1965
Former French Prime Minister Paul Reynaud is interviewed about Dunkirk.


Letter from Richard Dimbleby to Antony Craxton
Written: 1965
Richard Dimbley pays tribute to his producer for the Churchill state funeral broadcast.

Radio Times - Television Commentators at the Olympic Games
Written: 1948
The faces behind the voices commentating on the Olympic Games.

Letter from Richard Dimbleby to Harry Middleton
Written: 1965
Commentator thanks colleague for his letters about Churchill's funeral.


BBC war correspondents Richard Dimbleby, David Howarth and Harvey Sarney with Chief News Editor R. T. Clark.

A busy Studio G, Lime Grove, on election night,1959.

David Butler, Richard Dimbleby, Ian Trethowan and unidentified woman in the studio on election night, 1964.

David Butler, Richard Dimbley and Ian Trethowen in the studio on election night, 1964.

Michael Henderson and Richard Dimbleby commentate on the opening ceremony.

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