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Enquiry : Portrait of a GP
Broadcast: 1965
Is the health service on the brink of collapse?

Panorama : Tory Leadership Contest
Broadcast: 1975
The battle for leadership intensifies as the party prepares for a second ballot.

Panorama : After Soweto
Broadcast: 1976
The aftermath for South Africa of the recent violence in Soweto.

Panorama : The Alternative Prime Minister
Broadcast: 1977
Margaret Thatcher outlines her policies for running the country.

Decision '79
Broadcast: 1979
Swingometer banter from 1979 with the irrepressible Bob McKenzie.

Panorama : Walking on Coals: The White Tribe of Africa
Broadcast: 1980
The growing legacy of bitterness as changes are made in South Africa.

Panorama : How Many More Skeletons
Broadcast: 1981
Another Cambridge spy speaks out.

McKenzie's Lore
Broadcast: 1987
The king of the swingometer remembered by friends, colleagues, politicians and pundits.

On The Record : Consenting Adults
Broadcast: 1993
Michael Gove reports on the 1993 London Gay Pride March.


David Butler, Angela Rippon, David Dimbleby and Robert McKenzie in front of a swingometer graphic, 1979.

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