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Panorama : Cuba - Anti-Castro Rebels
Broadcast: 1961
Robin Day reports from Florida on the Cuban exiles.

Panorama : Cuba
Broadcast: 1961
'Panorama' visits Fidel Castro after the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Panorama : Panorama Goes to Berlin
Broadcast: 1961
'Berlin presents the most crucial problem which faces mankind today.'

Panorama : Berlin
Broadcast: 1961
Robin Day reports on the newly built Berlin Wall.

Panorama : Cuba Day: Senator Mansfield in Washington
Broadcast: 1962
Robin Day interviews US Senator Mike Mansfield for 'Panorama'.

Panorama : Cuba
Broadcast: 1962
After 'one of the most dangerous weeks in history', what now for the world?

Panorama : Race Problems around the World
Broadcast: 1964
Racial tension around the world grows at the moment Nelson Mandela is imprisoned.

24 Hours Special : Verwoerd Assassination
Broadcast: 1966
Special programme on the assassination of the prime minister of South Africa.

Panorama : The Impact on Earth
Broadcast: 1969
Was the race to get man on the moon a waste of money?

Talk-in To Day
Broadcast: 1973
Robin Day hosts a studio debate on the state of the NHS.

Newsday : Lord Avon
Broadcast: 1974
Robin Day speaks to Anthony Eden about Churchill.

General Election '79 : Results: Official Announcement of Win
Broadcast: 1979
Margaret Thatcher has an overall majority in Parliament.

The World at One : Andrew Boyle
Broadcast: 1979
Andrew Boyle, the Cambridge Spies and 'The Climate of Treason'.


The operations centre of Broadcasting House during the general election, 1955.

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