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Winston Churchill. Remembering Winston Churchill:
Tributes to a legendary statesman and a wartime hero


Churchill's First Broadcast as PM
Broadcast: 1940
Winston Churchill makes his first prime ministerial broadcast.

News : Ed Murrow Sees Churchill in the Commons Giving News of Dunkirk
Recorded: 1940
Reporter Ed Murrow hears Churchill's speech in the Commons.

Winston Churchill Broadcast : Finest Hour Speech
Recorded: 1940
'The news from France is very bad.'

News : King and Queen See Royal Departure
Broadcast: 1952
King George VI's final farewell to his eldest daughter.


A memo from Burgess about Winston Churchill
Written: 1938
Burgess recounts his conversation with a mistrustful Churchill.

The Prime Minister's Speech
Written: 1940
Worries about France and instructions from Ministry of Information and the Foreign Office.

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