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Blue Peter : John Noakes on the Flying Scotsman
Broadcast: 1966
John Noakes gets his hands dirty on a trip from London to Brighton.

Blue Peter : The Story of Big Ben
Broadcast: 1967
Valerie Singleton outlines the history of the world famous clock.

Blue Peter : Van Gogh's Lost Painting
Broadcast: 1970
How did a lost art treasure end up in a junk shop?

Blue Peter : Anne Frank
Broadcast: 1979
'Blue Peter' explores the Anne Frank story.

Blue Peter : Big Ben is Cleaned
Broadcast: 1980
Peter Duncan cleans the face of Big Ben.

Blue Peter : The Broom Cupboard
Broadcast: 1986
How a broken stopwatch caused mayhem for the 'Broom Cupboard'.

Blue Peter Special : Freefall Record Breaker
Broadcast: 1987
Janet Ellis takes to the skies as she trains for a freefall parachute jump.

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