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Men and Money : The Machine in Action
Broadcast: 1964
What does the Bank of England do?

Men and Money : A Question of Confidence
Broadcast: 1964
'People trust banks and the banks trust the government.'

Men and Money : The Stockbroker's World
Broadcast: 1964
A window into the world of the 'men in dark suits'.

Men and Money : The Golden Eggheads
Broadcast: 1964
A look at the analysts whose predictions help navigate the money maze.

Men and Money : The Insurers
Broadcast: 1964
Behind the scenes with the 'Man from the Pru' and the 'Names' at Lloyds.

Men and Money : The Cosmopolitans
Broadcast: 1964
What makes the Square Mile so attractive for foreign investment?

Tomorrow's World : Laser Eye Surgery
Broadcast: 1965
Tomorrow's fuel, tomorrow's eyes, tomorrow's robots, tomorrow's fashion.

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