The 1948 Olympics | Behind the scenes at the Austerity Games

Radio Times - Television Commentators at the Olympic Games

The faces behind the voices commentating on the Olympic Games.


Radio Times

August 6, 1948

Television's Commentators at the Olympic Games this week

[Column 1]

Peter Wilson [pictured]
Needs no introduction to followers of Television boxing. Is also a broadcaster and sports writer. Has seen five world heavyweight bouts and a world championship fight in every weight. Has watched boxing in over twelve countries as well as five times in America. Covered all sports at the last Olympic Games in Berlin, including boxing

Richard Dimbleby [pictured]
Broadcaster, author, newspaper editor. Joined BBC as first News Observer in 1936 and left in 1945. Covered over 10,000 miles during the war in thirteen countries. In twelve years, has been BBC commentator of Royal and State occasions at home and abroad, including Canada and the United States. Has made over 4,000 broadcasts and recordings

Jimmy Jewell [pictured]
Well known to television soccer enthusiasts. Was referee in the 1938 Cup Final as well as in sixteen Internationals at home and one on the Continent. Pre-war Secretary and Manager to Norwich City. During the last war was RAF Physical Fitness Officer. During the first world war was in the R.N.A.S. and became one of the first pilots of the RAF

Michael Henderson [pictured]
Outside Broadcasts Producer, specialising in sport, music, and features. Has also become known to viewers as commentator on Rugger. Plays most games and was a Rugger Blue at Oxford. During the war was with Desert Rats on the Continent, and later in India. Was announcer and news reader in the European Service of the BBC before joining Television. Writes New Orleans Jazz and sings madrigals as well as playing the flute

[Column 2]

Bill Allenby [pictured]
Will be commentator for television in the Prix des Nations. Nephew of Field-Marshal Viscount Allenby of Palestine. Has ridden in most big horse shows and will be riding in the International Horse Show this year. During the war was in the 11th Hussars. Is at present an agent in Kent on an estate where he looks after and rides show horses

Dudley Lister [pictured]
Another of our well-known boxing commentators. Was All Ranks Imperial Services and British Amateur Heavyweight Champion in 1935. He was also runner-up in the European Championships the same year. Has distinguished war records - won the M.C. near Ypres in the first world war with The Buffs, and was mentioned in despatches after the first raid on the Loften Islands in 1941

Harry Littlewood [pictured]
Is a representative of the Central Council of Physical Recreation, the aim of which is 'the development of all games and sports'. First became known to viewers in May during the Olympic trials. Keen on gymnastics, rugby, swimming, and athletics

Peter Dimmock [pictured]
Joined the Television Service in May 1946 as an Outside Broadcasts Producer specialising in sports events and has since, in addition, become familiar to viewers as a commentator. Served in the RAF as a pilot and flying instructor during the war. Joined the Press Association and covered horse racing in the North of England before resigning to enter television. Hobbies - fishing and flying

[Document ends]

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09 August 1948

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This article provides some background information on the men who are guiding viewers through the second week of the Olympic Games. As a group, they demonstrate a good balance between broadcasting expertise and sporting achievement.

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Article courtesy of 'The Radio Times' Magazine.

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Read about the testing procedures for commentators working in this new field of television commentary.


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