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William Hartnell as Doctor Who.The Genesis of Doctor Who :
Creating a science fiction hero

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Sylvester McCoy hands over the TARDIS key to Paul McGann.The Changing Face of Doctor Who :
How to regenerate a Time Lord

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Scrapbook for 1924
Recorded: 1936
How the Big Ben chimes were first recorded for broadcast by the BBC.

Newsreel : Operation Pegasus
Broadcast: 1950
News report on the first live television filming from the air.

Television Goes Flying
Broadcast: 1955
The BBC makes its second attempt to broadcast live from the air.

The Sky at Night : A Night to Remember
Broadcast: 2006
Looking back to 20 July 1969.


Letter from Clive Dunn's agent
Written: 1968
Clive Dunn's agent confirms billing order.

Argument about Opening Titles of 'Dad's Army'
Written: 1968
Head of BBC Comedy defends 'Dad's Army'.

Memo from Controller of BBC1 to Head of Comedy
Written: 1968
Paul Fox justifies his instructions to re-edit the 'Dad's Army' title sequence.

Memo from Controller of BBC1 to David Croft
Written: 1970
Controller of BBC1 Paul Fox sends a letter of congratulations to the producer of 'Dad's Army', David Croft.

'Dad's Army' Press Release
Written: 1968
BBC Publicity prepares the way for a new BBC comedy.

'Dad's Army' Audience Response Report
Written: 1968
The BBC finds out what the viewers thought of 'Dad's Army'.

Programme Review Board Minutes for 'Dad's Army'
Written: 1968
BBC executives review the first episode of 'Dad's Army'.

BBC Publicity Memo on 'Dad's Army'
Written: 1968
The producer of 'Dad's Army' receives good news from BBC Publicity.

Programme Review: Final episode of 'Dad's Army'
Written: 1977
BBC executives pay tribute to producer of 'Dad's Army' after show's final episode airs.

Audience Response: 'Dad's Army' Final Episode
Written: 1977
Viewers are surveyed on their feelings about the last ever episode of 'Dad's Army'.

Proposal for the first 'Zoo Quest' series
Written: 1953
David Attenborough proposes that the BBC should collaborate with London Zoo to make a natural history series filmed on location.

'Zoo Quest' audience research report
Written: 1956
A report showing how viewers reacted to the last episode of 'Zoo Quest for a Dragon'.

Breakdown of costs for the 'Zoo Quest' series
Written: 1956
The costs and expenses of a major TV series in 1956.

The costs for a tropical kit
Written: 1956
David Attenborough's clothing budget on Zoo Quest.

Operation Pegasus Continues to Cause Problems
Written: 1950
Cecil McGivern finds further fault with 'Operation Pegasus'.

A Letter from John Betjeman
Written: 1968
Ideas for the first 'Bird's Eye View' episode.

BBC Staff Newspaper Extract
Written: 1969
A feature on 'Bird's Eye View'.


Behind the scenes on election night
Images from inside the BBC during Britain's general elections.

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