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Postscript to the News : Group Captain Peel and JH Brown
Broadcast: 1943
Memories of events in the hot summer of 1940.

Children's Hour : How It's Done: Aerofilms
Recorded: 1946
Aerial photographers discuss their work from the early 1900s onwards.

News : Air Ambulance
Broadcast: 1949
The air ambulance of Renfrew is called into action.

News Special : Blockade Ends
Broadcast: 1949
Mass airlifts break Soviet hold on Berlin.

Newsreel : Operation Pegasus
Broadcast: 1950
News report on the first live television filming from the air.

Newsreel : Car Engined Plane Wins Air Race
Broadcast: 1951
Raymond Baxter reports on the South Coast Air Race.

News : King and Queen See Royal Departure
Broadcast: 1952
King George VI's final farewell to his eldest daughter.

Television Goes Flying
Broadcast: 1955
The BBC makes its second attempt to broadcast live from the air.

Bird's Eye View : The Englishman's Home
Broadcast: 1969
The first episode of a groundbreaking series on Britain as viewed from the air.

Bird's Eye View : Green and Pleasant Land
Broadcast: 1969
What were the implications for a countryside under constant threat of development?

Bird's Eye View : Beside the Seaside
Broadcast: 1969
Britain's seaside life, viewed from the air.

Tomorrow's World : Maps
Broadcast: 1970
'Tomorrow's World' explores the scientific feat of aerial photo mapping.

Bird's Eye View : From Bishop Rock to Muckle Flugga
Broadcast: 1970
An aerial journey from a lighthouse in the South West to the north of the Shetland Isles.

Bird's Eye View : Wales: the Western Stronghold
Broadcast: 1971
Take a journey over land and through time with this film of Wales shot entirely from the air.

Spitfire! : Two Seconds to Kill
Broadcast: 1976
The story of the race to design and build a fighter plane fit to win a war.

Spitfire! : Forty Years On
Broadcast: 1976
Celebrating an iconic symbol of Britain's 'finest hour'.

Go With Noakes : The Red Arrows
Broadcast: 1976
John Noakes meets members of the Red Arrows.

A Fine Blue Day : James 'Ginger' Lacey
Recorded: 1978
Recollections of war by a pilot ace.

Tomorrow's World : Review of the 1970s
Broadcast: 1979
Looking back at some of the stories of the last decade.

Q.E.D. : Round Britain Whizz
Broadcast: 1986
Britain's coastline as you've never seen it before.

Rally in the Sky : Coast to Coast 2: From the Dales to Flamborough Head
Broadcast: 1987
Six intrepid teams race their microlights across the roof of England.

Blue Peter Special : Freefall Record Breaker
Broadcast: 1987
Janet Ellis takes to the skies as she trains for a freefall parachute jump.

Inside Story : The Spitfire
Broadcast: 1987
'A symbol of defiance and hope for Britain in the dark days of 1940.'

Two Men in a Trench : The Battle of Britain
Broadcast: 2004
Archaeologists explore the site of the RAF airbase at Hornchurch.


From an Aeroplane over London
Written: 1950
A 'Radio Times' draft and article about the BBC's first live broadcast from an aeroplane.

In Honour of Russia: Script for one of the night's features
Written: 1943
Script set in an aircraft factory which supplies Russia.

London Calling - The Fighting Spitfire
Written: 1940
A technical description of Britain's famous fighter plane.

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