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The British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain leaves No. 10 Downing Street. © Getty.WWII: Outbreak :
Britain on the brink of World War II

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Winston Churchill Broadcast : Finest Hour Speech
Recorded: 1940
'The news from France is very bad.'

Tonight's Talk : Lord Beaverbrook on Aircraft Production
Broadcast: 1940
A rousing message of encouragement to the nation from the Minister of Aircraft Production.

What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?
Broadcast: 1969
The story of the men who spent World War II down the mines.

It's Saturday : Bill Smith
Broadcast: 1972
Memories of a Bevin Boy from Bridlington.

Bevin Boys
Broadcast: 1983
Recollections of conscription in the coal industry during World War II.

What If : The Battle of Britain
Broadcast: 2000
What would have happened next if Germany had won the Battle of Britain?


Letter to the BBC from a Concerned Member of the Public
Written: 1940
A warning about items recovered from German planes shot down in England.

London Calling - Guarding Britain's Sky
Written: 1940
How an aerial dogfight starts, proceeds and ends.

Script Extract - Roof over Britain
Written: 1943
Transcript of a government publication about the role of the anti-aircraft defences.

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