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A barricade in Berlin in 1953, where the wall would later be built.The Berlin Wall :
A city divided between East and West by the Cold War

16 programmes

The British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain leaves No. 10 Downing Street. © Getty.WWII: Outbreak :
Britain on the brink of World War II

20 programmes, 12 documents, 1 gallery

Richard Dimbleby.WWII: Witnessing the Holocaust :
Personal accounts of persecution and genocide by the Nazi regime

17 programmes, 9 documents

Photograph of Joesph StalinWWII: The Soviet Union Joins the Allies :
Reporting the uneasy alliance made with Stalin's Russia

7 programmes, 23 documents

Corporal Jones from 'Dad's Army'.Dad's Army at 40 :
How Captain Mainwaring and Sergeant Wilson got called up

13 documents, 3 galleries

William Joyce, aka Lord Haw-Haw.Lord Haw-Haw :
The Nazi broadcaster who threatened Britain

15 programmes, 11 documents

Boats used in the Dunkirk evacuation.WWII: Dunkirk Evacuation :
How the 'little ships' helped rescue the Allied troops

25 programmes, 16 documents

A spitfire fighter plane pictured in 2007.WWII: The Battle of Britain :
Memories of 'Britain's finest hour'

21 programmes, 13 documents


Whither Britain? : Taking Stock
Broadcast: 1934
HG Wells challenges the idea of 'Britain for the British'.

The Future of Europe : HG Wells Presents Dr Edvard Benes
Broadcast: 1939
HG Wells welcomes the former president of Czechoslovakia.

Children's Hour : Princess Elizabeth
Broadcast: 1940
A message from Princess Elizabeth to the Nation's children.

The 90th Anniversary of the YWCA : Speech by HRH Princess Elizabeth
Recorded: 1945
Princess Elizabeth celebrates the achievements and service of the YWCA.

Children's Hour : How It's Done: Aerofilms
Recorded: 1946
Aerial photographers discuss their work from the early 1900s onwards.

The Alanbrooke Diaries
Broadcast: 1957
A wartime adviser to Churchill, Field Marshal Alanbrooke, discusses his diaries.

These Foolish Things
Broadcast: 1958
Nancy Mitford and others comment on the sound of Big Ben.

The Lively Arts : Henry Moore
Broadcast: 1966
How stumbling into the underground one night led to Henry Moore's wartime shelter drawings.

What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?
Broadcast: 1969
The story of the men who spent World War II down the mines.

It's Saturday : Bill Smith
Broadcast: 1972
Memories of a Bevin Boy from Bridlington.

The War Lords : Churchill
Broadcast: 1976
AJP Taylor appraises the successes and failures of Winston Churchill.

Down You Go, Down Below
Broadcast: 1982
A history of the South Wales mining industry.

Timewatch : Windsors' War
Broadcast: 1982
John Tusa opens up the Windsors debate.

Bevin Boys
Broadcast: 1983
Recollections of conscription in the coal industry during World War II.

Newsnight : Churchill's Secretary
Broadcast: 2007
Churchill's secretary speaks.


The BBC considers its response to the Foreign Office about Burgess
Written: 1944
The head of the Talks Department is reluctant to let Burgess go.

Resignation memo from Burgess
Written: 1944
Guy Burgess plans to leave the BBC to join the Foreign Office.

Memo from the BBC's Director of Empire Services
Written: 1941
George Orwell is recommended for employment.

Letter from Arthur Keith to D Pearson-Smith Esq
Written: 1941
A glowing reference for George Orwell.

Memo from Orwell to the Eastern Service Director
Written: 1942
Eric Blair discusses writing as George Orwell.

Letter from Orwell to TS Eliot
Written: 1942
George Orwell invites TS Eliot to contribute a reading.

Memo from the Assistant Controller, Overseas Services
Written: 1942
The Assistant Controller appreciates the propaganda advantage of Orwell's name.

Memo criticising Orwell's voice
Written: 1943
Is George Orwell's voice suitable for broadcasting?

Letter to Orwell from ALC Bullock
Written: 1943
An invitation to comment on social changes in wartime Britain.

Reply from Orwell to ALC Bullock
Written: 1943
Orwell asserts his preference for the truth.

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