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A barricade in Berlin in 1953, where the wall would later be built.The Berlin Wall :
A city divided between East and West by the Cold War

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Fidel CastroCuba and the Cold War :
From Castro's rise to power to the missile crisis

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News : Burgess and Maclean
Broadcast: 1951
Two of our diplomats are missing!

Interview with Mr R Hughes of 'The Sunday Times'
Broadcast: 1956
British journalist returns from meeting Burgess and Maclean in Moscow.

Douglas Stuart
Broadcast: 1963
A meeting with a spy.

Radio Newsreel : Tom Driberg
Broadcast: 1963
The MP Tom Driberg remembers his friendship with Guy Burgess.

Intimations : John le Carre
Broadcast: 1966
The false and lonely world of the writer.

PM : Donald Maclean
Broadcast: 1970
Donald Maclean writes a book on British foreign policy.

The World at One : Andrew Boyle
Broadcast: 1979
Andrew Boyle, the Cambridge Spies and 'The Climate of Treason'.

News : Anthony Blunt Spy Case
Broadcast: 1979
'A case of political conscience against loyalty to country.'

State Security
Broadcast: 1979
Margaret Thatcher exposes Anthony Blunt's treachery in Parliament.

Platform One : Andrew Boyle
Broadcast: 1980
Reflections on an era of betrayal.

Broadcast: 1981
More allegations surface of double agents within MI5.

Panorama : How Many More Skeletons
Broadcast: 1981
Another Cambridge spy speaks out.

Rebels : Guy Burgess
Broadcast: 1984
A portrait of an unlikely spy.

Outlook : The 'Fifth Man'.
Broadcast: 1990
A KGB agent names the Cambridge spy ring's 'fifth man'.

Newsnight : John Cairncross
Broadcast: 1990
The 'fifth man' from the Cambridge spy ring is named.

Archive Hour : Spies Like Us
Broadcast: 2001
The network the KGB dubbed the 'Magnificent Five'.

Adventures in the BBC Archive : Stella Rimington
Broadcast: 2008
A former head of MI5 investigates the Cambridge Spies.

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