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Corporal Jones from 'Dad's Army'.Dad's Army at 40 :
How Captain Mainwaring and Sergeant Wilson got called up

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Broadcast to the Nation by the Rt Hon Anthony Eden
Recorded: 1940
Rt Hon Anthony Eden recounts the events of the 'battle for the ports'.

Dunkirk Evacuation : BEF Experiences
Recorded: 1940
Four members of the BEF describe their retreat to Calais and Dunkirk.

Winston Churchill Broadcast : Finest Hour Speech
Recorded: 1940
'The news from France is very bad.'

News Report : Air Battle off Dover
Broadcast: 1940
BBC reporter Charles Gardner comments live on a dogfight over the Channel.

News Report : Convoy Shelled in Straits of Dover
Recorded: 1940
Robin Duff reports from the scene of an attack on a convoy in the Channel.

News Reports : Dangers of Combat
Broadcast: 1940
The perils of a pilot's life.

Battle of Britain : A Radio Dramatisation
Broadcast: 1941
Day-by-day re-enactment of encounters with the enemy.

Fighter Pilot Shot Down
Recorded: 1941
A pilot vividly recounts his experience of being shot down over the North Sea.

Postscript to the News : Group Captain Peel and JH Brown
Broadcast: 1943
Memories of events in the hot summer of 1940.

Now It Can Be Told : Wing Commander Ronald Adams
Broadcast: 1945
Recalling the vital role of the Operations Room team.

Late Night Line-up : Douglas Bader
Broadcast: 1965
The Battle of Britain was won by 'everyone in this country'.

Air Chief Marshal Hugh C Dowding
Recorded: 1968
Commander-in-Chief Hugh Dowding talks about the Battle of Britain.

Man Alive : The Few
Broadcast: 1969
What 'The Few' did next.

Spitfire! : Forty Years On
Broadcast: 1976
Celebrating an iconic symbol of Britain's 'finest hour'.

Go With Noakes : The Red Arrows
Broadcast: 1976
John Noakes meets members of the Red Arrows.

A Fine Blue Day : WH 'Dizzy' Allen
Recorded: 1978
Frank views from a Battle of Britain fighter pilot.

News : Brewery & Social Clubs give beer to Troops
Broadcast: 1980
Working Men's Clubs send good cheer to the troops in Northern Ireland.

Blue Peter Special : Freefall Record Breaker
Broadcast: 1987
Janet Ellis takes to the skies as she trains for a freefall parachute jump.

The Six O'Clock News : Ban on Gays in Military Lifted
Broadcast: 1999
The European Court of Human Rights delivers its verdict.

Two Men in a Trench : The Battle of Britain
Broadcast: 2004
Archaeologists explore the site of the RAF airbase at Hornchurch.

Ancestors : Billy and the Fighter
Broadcast: 2004
The story of the squadron that fought the battle before the Battle of Britain.


'The Only Real Remedy Lies with the BBC'
Written: 1940
Lord Haw-Haw is a risk to military morale.

Cancellation of Army Officers' and Men's Broadcasts
Written: 1940
All broadcasts from officers and men in the army are to be stopped.

General MacFarlane's Broadcast
Written: 1940
The Ministry of Information stops further broadcasts by a general.

London Calling - These men of the RAF
Written: 1940
Charles Gardner spends time with RAF pilots in combat.

London Calling - Guarding Britain's Sky
Written: 1940
How an aerial dogfight starts, proceeds and ends.

London Calling - Air Battle over the English Channel
Written: 1940
The tactics of an air battle over Dover analysed in detail.

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