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Sylvia PankhurstSuffragettes :
Women recall their struggle to win the vote

18 programmes

Kate MillettSecond Wave Feminism :
The campaign for women's rights in the 1970s

20 programmes

Campaigners with a rainbow banner.The Gay Rights Movement :
The campaign for sexual equality

30 programmes


Eye to Eye : Now We Are Married
Broadcast: 1958
A 'day in the life' of three married couples.

Enquiry : A Woman's Place
Broadcast: 1965
The movers and shakers of 1965 on women and marriage.

The World This Weekend : Women in the Conservative Party
Broadcast: 1971
Nice hats - the truth behind the 'Tory lady' stereotype.

Broadcast: 1971
How important are cosmetics to women in public life?

Women in Politics
Broadcast: 1972
An exploration of the experiences of women in domestic politics.

The Jimmy Young Show
Broadcast: 1975
Margaret Thatcher's first interview after becoming Conservative Party leader.

News : Thatcher Arrives at Downing Street
Broadcast: 1979
'Where there is discord, may we bring harmony': Margaret Thatcher becomes Prime Minister.

Washes Whiter : She's Not a Moron - She's Your Wife
Broadcast: 1990
Why are white shirts and shiny floors the sign of a good woman?

News : Working Men's Clubs
Broadcast: 1995
Should unescorted women be allowed into Working Men's Clubs?

Right Stuff, Wrong Sex : Female Astronauts
Broadcast: 1997
How 13 women were blocked from joining NASA's space program.

Queen of Adventure: Enid Blyton
Broadcast: 1997
Blyton: love her or loathe her?

A Fine Defence of Enid Blyton
Broadcast: 2008
Why do Blyton's books appeal so much to children?


Letter to Margaret Thatcher about the general election, 1959.
Written: 1959
A letter asking Margaret Thatcher to take part in a radio programme.

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