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Cogs forming the letters of the programme's title from the series in 1986. The Great Egg Race :
Cracking feats of engineering

13 programmes


Bird's Eye View : Man on the Move
Broadcast: 1969
Aerial views of mankind's various modes of transport through the ages.

The World at One
Broadcast: 1971
'The World at One' reports on the maintenance of Big Ben.

News : Big Ben Repaired
Broadcast: 1976
Repairs to the great Westminster clock are completed.

Steam Days : The Fishing Line
Broadcast: 1986
Travel on the footplate on the West Highland Line.

Steam Days : Going Great Western
Broadcast: 1986
Visit the Cornish and Devon Riviera on the Great Western Railway.

London Plus : Big Ben's Chimes
Broadcast: 1986
Frosty weather has a chilling effect on the bell chimes.

Inside Story : The Spitfire
Broadcast: 1987
'A symbol of defiance and hope for Britain in the dark days of 1940.'

Breakfast Time : Big Ben under repair
Broadcast: 1987
Big Ben has lost its bong.


London Calling - The Fighting Spitfire
Written: 1940
A technical description of Britain's famous fighter plane.

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