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The Future of Europe : HG Wells Presents Dr Edvard Benes
Broadcast: 1939
HG Wells welcomes the former president of Czechoslovakia.

Princess Elizabeth in Washington DC
Broadcast: 1951
President Truman welcomes the royal couple to Washington DC.

John F Kennedy: The President of the United States
Recorded: 1961
President Kennedy speech following the Bay of Pigs incident.

Panorama : Cuba
Broadcast: 1961
'Panorama' visits Fidel Castro after the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Famous Speeches : Kennedy: Cuban Missile Crisis
Broadcast: 1962
Kennedy's speech on the Cuban missile crisis.

Panorama : Cuba
Broadcast: 1963
Castro celebrates 10 years since the first uprising against the former regime.

Dunkirk Revisited
Broadcast: 1965
Former French Prime Minister Paul Reynaud is interviewed about Dunkirk.

24 Hours Special : Verwoerd Assassination
Broadcast: 1966
Special programme on the assassination of the prime minister of South Africa.

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