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Margaret ThatcherMargaret Thatcher: From MP to PM :
Mrs Thatcher's journey from Finchley to Downing Street

17 programmes, 7 documents

Winston Churchill.Remembering Winston Churchill :
Tributes to a legendary statesman and a wartime hero

22 programmes, 5 documents


Chamberlain Returns from Negotiations with Hitler
Recorded: 1938
Chamberlain returns from a meeting with Hitler in Bad Godesberg.

Britain Declares War on Germany
Broadcast: 1939
'This country is at war with Germany' announces the Prime Minister.

Churchill's First Broadcast as PM
Broadcast: 1940
Winston Churchill makes his first prime ministerial broadcast.

Broadcast to the Nation by the Rt Hon Anthony Eden
Recorded: 1940
Rt Hon Anthony Eden recounts the events of the 'battle for the ports'.

Winston Churchill Broadcast : Finest Hour Speech
Recorded: 1940
'The news from France is very bad.'

The New Social Services and the Citizen
Broadcast: 1948
Prime Minister Clement Attlee introduces and explains the new Social Services.

A Broadcast by the Prime Minister : Rt Hon Clement Attlee welcomes Olympic Athletes
Broadcast: 1948
'May the weather be fine, the events well contested and may records be broken.'

Tour of South Africa : Rt Hon Macmillan
Recorded: 1960
Harold Macmillan delivers his 'wind of change' speech at the Cape Town Parliament.

Late Night Line-Up : The Suffragettes
Broadcast: 1968
Two eminent peers share their experiences of the suffrage movement.

State Security
Broadcast: 1979
Margaret Thatcher exposes Anthony Blunt's treachery in Parliament.


A memo from Burgess about Winston Churchill
Written: 1938
Burgess recounts his conversation with a mistrustful Churchill.


Outbreak of War
A collection of photographs from the BBC archives on the outbreak of World War II.

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