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Margaret ThatcherMargaret Thatcher: From MP to PM :
Mrs Thatcher's journey from Finchley to Downing Street

17 programmes, 7 documents

Aneurin Bevan.Birth of the National Health Service :
The early history of the NHS

19 programmes, 12 documents

Westminster clock tower, better known as Big Ben.Big Ben :
Celebrating the world-famous clock tower

10 programmes, 1 gallery

Robert McKenzie and a swingometer.Swingometer :
Remembering election nights with the pollster's favourite pendulum

9 programmes, 1 gallery

Campaigners with a rainbow banner.The Gay Rights Movement :
The campaign for sexual equality

30 programmes


Report from Britain : Sir Alan P Herbert
Recorded: 1954
Recollections of the wit and wisdom of Winston Churchill.

News : Cuba and the Labour Party
Broadcast: 1962
The Labour Party leader speaks to BBC News about the missile crisis.

Man Alive : Packing Up and Moving Out
Broadcast: 1967
Two mining families make the decision to move from Northumberland to Nottingham.

Air Chief Marshal Hugh C Dowding
Recorded: 1968
Commander-in-Chief Hugh Dowding talks about the Battle of Britain.

Personality And Power
Broadcast: 1970
A retrospective of 'the greatest Briton of the 20th Century'.

Argument : Women's Rights: Radical Change
Broadcast: 1974
The political divide within feminism.

Churchill, The Man I Knew
Broadcast: 1974
A portrait of Sir Winston by his contemporaries.

Down You Go, Down Below
Broadcast: 1982
A history of the South Wales mining industry.

Bevin Boys
Broadcast: 1983
Recollections of conscription in the coal industry during World War II.

Panorama : Is The Coal Face Crumbling?
Broadcast: 1984
The miners' strike continues with both sides predicting victory.


Minutes from a Programmes in Wartime Committee Meeting
Written: 1937
What will the BBC's role be during war?

Burgess and 'The Week in Westminster'
Written: 1943
Alarm is expressed at Burgess' profligate use of BBC funds for entertaining MPs.

Letter from the Foreign Office to the BBC about Burgess
Written: 1944
His country needs him: Burgess is required for essential war work.

Resignation memo from Burgess
Written: 1944
Guy Burgess plans to leave the BBC to join the Foreign Office.

Memo about Burgess' library books
Written: 1951
The BBC may have uncovered a clue to Burgess' recent movements.

Record of a telephone conversation between the BBC and the Foreign Office
Written: 1956
The BBC and the Foreign Office are called to account for employing Burgess.

Record of Conversation with Sir John Reith
Written: 1940
A BBC Director-General disagrees with his predecessor.

Principles and Objectives of British Wartime Propaganda
Written: 1940
The Ministry of Information's policy on British propaganda.

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