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Richard Dimbleby.WWII: Witnessing the Holocaust :
Personal accounts of persecution and genocide by the Nazi regime

17 programmes, 9 documents

William Joyce, aka Lord Haw-Haw.Lord Haw-Haw :
The Nazi broadcaster who threatened Britain

15 programmes, 11 documents


Our War Aims - Now and After: Viscount Halifax
Recorded: 1939
The Foreign Secretary speaks after two months of war.

Battle of Britain : A Radio Dramatisation
Broadcast: 1941
Day-by-day re-enactment of encounters with the enemy.

Anglo-Soviet Agreement
Broadcast: 1941
The Home Service interrupts its programming to make a special announcement.


Memos Regarding Jokes about Russia
Written: 1941
As Germany invades Russia, the BBC ponders the appropriateness of humour.

'Britain's Alliance with the Anti-Christ'.
Written: 1941
A German propaganda broadcast meant to appeal to christians in Britain.

Intelligence Report on Russian Propaganda Broadcasts
Written: 1941
Examples of how Russia tailored its propaganda to national identities.

Intelligence Report on German Propaganda
Written: 1941
'Stalin is a primitive Caucasian bandit.'

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