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Blunt, Philby, Burgess, and Maclean © Getty Images.Cambridge Spies :
How Philby, Burgess, Maclean, Blunt and Cairncross were unmasked

16 programmes

Guy BurgessGuy Burgess at the BBC :
The early career of the Cambridge spy

24 documents

Sean Connery as James Bond.James Bond :
The changing world of 007

15 programmes, 1 gallery


Intimations : John le Carre
Broadcast: 1966
The false and lonely world of the writer.

The Lively Arts : Len Deighton
Broadcast: 1977
Melvyn Bragg meets the author of 'The Ipcress File'.

Today : Holocaust Documents Released
Broadcast: 1997
Documents reveal that Britain knew something of the Nazi slaughter of the Jews as early as 1941.

From Our Own Correspondent
Broadcast: 2002
Kate Adie introduces a report on the Cuban missile crisis.

Cold Warrior
Broadcast: 2002
A profile of the man devoted to removing Castro.

The Cuban Missile Crisis: 40 Years On
Broadcast: 2002
While the USA prepared for war, what was happening inside the USSR and Cuba?

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