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Robert McKenzie and a swingometer.Swingometer :
Remembering election nights with the pollster's favourite pendulum

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Panorama : The Alternative Prime Minister
Broadcast: 1977
Margaret Thatcher outlines her policies for running the country.

News : Thatcher Begins Conservative Party Campaign
Broadcast: 1979
The launch of the Conservative manifesto for the 1979 general election.

News : Election
Broadcast: 1979
Who will win? The eve of the general election in 1979.

General Election '79 : Results: Thatcher Wins Seat
Broadcast: 1979
The results come in from Margaret Thatcher's Finchley constituency.

General Election '79 : Results: Official Announcement of Win
Broadcast: 1979
Margaret Thatcher has an overall majority in Parliament.

News : Thatcher Arrives at Downing Street
Broadcast: 1979
'Where there is discord, may we bring harmony': Margaret Thatcher becomes Prime Minister.

Newsnight : South African Elections
Broadcast: 1994
Hope amongst confusion as all South Africans vote for the first time.

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