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Sir Walter Monckton, Director General of the Ministry
Broadcast: 1941
The Director General of the Ministry of Information speaks on its wartime role.

Joseph Mankiewicz
Recorded: 1978
The director of 'All About Eve' (1950) compares old and new Hollywood.


Sensation: Note for file re Titanic programme
Written: 1947
A summary of the brewing controversy.

'Sensations': Could the play be re-written?
Written: 1947
The Head of Features asks if the play could be re-written as a documentary.

'Sensations': Telegram from Northern Ireland PM
Written: 1947
The government of Northern Ireland urges for the broadcast to be stopped.

'Sensations': BBC Northern Ireland Director expresses his disapproval of the play.
Written: 1947
Concerns that this play could damage the BBC's relationships in Northern Ireland.

A BBC Directive on What to Include in That Day's Broadcasts to Europe
Written: 1944
Churchill's statement about his conference with Stalin must dominate the news.

In Honour of Russia: The Foreign Office queries the plans
Written: 1943
Plans for a night of programmes dedicated to Russia cause concern at the Foreign Office.

Minutes from a Programmes in Wartime Committee Meeting
Written: 1937
What will the BBC's role be during war?

Memo from the BBC's Director of Empire Services
Written: 1941
George Orwell is recommended for employment.

Memo from Orwell to the Eastern Service Director
Written: 1942
Eric Blair discusses writing as George Orwell.

GHQ Bulletins
Written: 1940
The BBC informs the Ministry of Information about its preliminary Dunkirk news reports.

Submission of Stories to the War Office
Written: 1940
A memo from the Assistant Senior News Editor about the Ministry of Information.

Forces Personnel in Programmes
Written: 1940
Memo from the BBC to the War Office.

Broadcasts by Serving Officers and Men
Written: 1940
A summary of a telephone conversation between the BBC and MI7.

Telephone Message from Mr Wellington, Ministry of Information
Written: 1940
The Ministry of Information sends an urgent message forbidding interviews with servicemen.

Honour French Allied Troops
Written: 1940
Recognition for the part played by the French.

A Query Regarding a French Eyewitness
Written: 1940
The BBC is held to account by Military Intelligence.

Cancellation of Army Officers' and Men's Broadcasts
Written: 1940
All broadcasts from officers and men in the army are to be stopped.

General MacFarlane's Broadcast
Written: 1940
The Ministry of Information stops further broadcasts by a general.

Withdrawal of Reports About Calais and Dunkirk
Written: 1940
The War Office warning about recent news reports.

Ministry of Information Instructions
Written: 1940
A BBC memo highlights censorship communication problems.

German High Command Communique
Written: 1940
The Ministry of Information refutes Nazi claims.

The Prime Minister's Speech
Written: 1940
Worries about France and instructions from Ministry of Information and the Foreign Office.

Policy for Officers and Men Broadcasting
Written: 1940
The War Office reconfirm their policy on broadcasts by serving officers and men.

BBC Memo About Communication Difficulties with the War Office
Written: 1940
The unprecedented demands of broadcasting in wartime continue to cause problems.

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