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News : Polish Question: 16 Points
Broadcast: 1939
Germany proposes a settlement to the Polish problem.

News : Invasion of Poland
Broadcast: 1939
'Germany has invaded Poland and has bombed many towns.'

Prologue to War
Broadcast: 1959
Personal memories of the outbreak of World War II.

When War Came to Poland
Broadcast: 1974
A reporter remembers Poland in the summer of 1939.


Minutes from a BBC Polish Service Meeting
Written: 1945
Polish authorities thank the BBC for its support.

A Report from Poland for a Meeting of the BBC Polish Broadcasting Service.
Written: 1941
The importance of wartime news and the dangers of listening to it in Poland.

Memo Calling for Caution in Broadcasts to Poland
Written: 1941
Evidence of Soviet atrocities in Lwow [Lviv] reaches the BBC.

A Report on BBC Broadcasts to Poland
Written: 1943
'As regards the recent crisis in Russo-Polish relations, we have been most circumspect.'

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