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The Bank of England.Men and Money: The City in the 1960s :
A portrait of the bankers who ran London's 'Square Mile'

6 programmes

Westminster clock tower, better known as Big Ben.Big Ben :
Celebrating the world-famous clock tower

10 programmes, 1 gallery

An athlete in training for the 1948 Olympics.The 1948 Olympics :
Behind the scenes at the Austerity Games

9 programmes, 3 documents, 3 galleries


Unusual Recordings : Some Famous Trains
Broadcast: 1936
The atmospheric sounds of railways and trains from a bygone era.

News : Britain Begins to Prepare for War
Broadcast: 1938
The BBC announces Britain's home defence measures.

London Hospitals in Wartime : War Comes to London Voluntary Hospitals
Broadcast: 1939
How various hospitals in London prepared for war.

Newsreel : Operation Pegasus
Broadcast: 1950
News report on the first live television filming from the air.

Prologue to War
Broadcast: 1959
Personal memories of the outbreak of World War II.

The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill : Part 1
Broadcast: 1965
London pauses as the state funeral procession begins.

Inside Story : Coming Out
Broadcast: 1980
Preparing for the 1979 London Gay Pride week.

South East at Six : Carnival Preparations
Broadcast: 1983
Notting Hill Carnival: 'it's a get-together thing'.

News : Notting Hill Carnival
Broadcast: 1984
A colourful children's procession takes place at the carnival.


From an Aeroplane over London
Written: 1950
A 'Radio Times' draft and article about the BBC's first live broadcast from an aeroplane.

Reply to Memo Regarding the Protection of Broadcasting House
Written: 1939
Is there a need to camouflage the headquarters of the BBC?

Air Raid Defence Scheme
Written: 1939
Remember your gas mask.

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