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A barricade in Berlin in 1953, where the wall would later be built.The Berlin Wall :
A city divided between East and West by the Cold War

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Chamberlain Returns from Negotiations with Hitler
Recorded: 1938
Chamberlain returns from a meeting with Hitler in Bad Godesberg.

Chamberlain returns from Munich with Anglo-German Agreement
Recorded: 1938
Richard Dimbleby is at the scene of Chamberlain's return from Munich.

News : Polish Question: 16 Points
Broadcast: 1939
Germany proposes a settlement to the Polish problem.

News : Invasion of Poland
Broadcast: 1939
'Germany has invaded Poland and has bombed many towns.'

BBC Close-Up : Calling Germany
Broadcast: 1943
Broadcasting to Germany during the war.

Propaganda Broadcast from Germany : Lord Haw-Haw
Recorded: 1945
The final propagandist recording by Lord Haw-Haw before Germany surrendered.

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