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Broadcast: 1938
'Behind the seams' at a Durham coal mine.

A Year in the Life : Craghead: 1968-1969
Broadcast: 1969
A turbulent time for a mining village in the North East of England.

Man In His Place : Durham: 1: A Man's Life
Broadcast: 1972
Exploring the culture and social history of the Durham coal fields.

Omnibus : Shafts Of Sunlight
Broadcast: 1975
Where there's muck, there's brass... and pigeons and lurchers and bingo too.

Dunkirk: Forty Years On
Broadcast: 1980
Dunkirk veterans from north-east England remember the evacuation.

A Year in the Life : Twenty Years On: Craghead
Broadcast: 1990
Revisiting the story of miners from a documentary made in 1969.


County Durham Miners, 1938
Scenes from a Durham mining village that featured in a 1938 radio broadcast by Joan Littlewood.

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