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London Hospitals in Wartime : War Comes to London Voluntary Hospitals
Broadcast: 1939
How various hospitals in London prepared for war.

The Brains Trust
Broadcast: 1942
Did the Brains want an NHS in 1942?

State Organised Medicine
Broadcast: 1943
Two doctors debate the pros and cons of joining a National Health Service.

In Honour of Russia : Reginald Watson-Jones
Broadcast: 1943
A member of the RAF's medical staff visits war-torn Moscow.

Brief Excursion
Recorded: 1953
'A new life has begun; a new person has joined us...'

Viewfinder : Health Service
Broadcast: 1954
A glimpse into the life of a doctor.

Roving Reporter : Waringfield Hospital
Recorded: 1960
Wartime hospital sold off brick by brick.

Enquiry : Portrait of a GP
Broadcast: 1965
Is the health service on the brink of collapse?

Tomorrow's World : Laser Eye Surgery
Broadcast: 1965
Tomorrow's fuel, tomorrow's eyes, tomorrow's robots, tomorrow's fashion.

Panorama : Health Service
Broadcast: 1967
Doctors discuss problems in the NHS as it approaches its 20th birthday.

Tomorrow's World Special : Barnard Faces His Critics
Broadcast: 1968
A debate with Christiaan Barnard, the pioneering heart transplant surgeon.

Something for Nothing: A Birthday Celebration
Broadcast: 1968
James Burke asks how long the NHS can continue without breaking down completely.

Parents and Children : What do you know about... the National Health Service?
Broadcast: 1973
Mums and dads pit their wits against each other to answer NHS-based questions.

Talk-in To Day
Broadcast: 1973
Robin Day hosts a studio debate on the state of the NHS.

Tomorrow's World : Review of the 1970s
Broadcast: 1979
Looking back at some of the stories of the last decade.

Tomorrow's World : Review of 1980
Broadcast: 1980
A compilation of items from 1980.

Tomorrow's World : Hissing Sid
Broadcast: 1981
Kieran Prendiville takes on a snooker-playing robot.

Tomorrow's World : 13 May 1982
Broadcast: 1982
A fish that comes with its own chips.

Stuffing Their Mouths with Gold
Broadcast: 1982
A history of the NHS as recalled by some who were there at the beginning.

Tomorrow's World : 14 October 1982
Broadcast: 1982
Touch-screen computers, angioplasty, water for marathon runners and very spoilt cows.

Tomorrow's World : 3 March 1983
Broadcast: 1983
A cure for jet-lag, book restoration, holograms and a useful boat-trailer.

Horizon : Death of the Working Classes
Broadcast: 1988
Why do the working class in Britain die young?

How We Worked Then : Medicine
Broadcast: 1991
Doctors, patients and chemists share their memories of medical treatment before the NHS.


Radio doctor topics: Chilblains
Written: 1947
Should the BBC admit that doctors can't help to cure chillblains?

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