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Ten O'Clock Bulletin : Scottish Miners Visit Eton
Broadcast: 1961
Promoting better understanding between social classes and nations.

Tonight : Equality at Cambridge University
Broadcast: 1963
Do female students prefer feminism to femininity?

Tomorrow's World : Nellie: School Computer
Broadcast: 1969
Meet Nellie, a computer set to revolutionise the classroom.

Panorama : Mrs Thatcher
Broadcast: 1970
The first profile of Margaret Thatcher as Minister for Education.

Panorama : Free School Milk
Broadcast: 1971
Why Margaret Thatcher was dubbed 'Thatcher, Thatcher Milk Snatcher'.

Midweek : Sex Discrimination Law
Broadcast: 1972
Austin Mitchell investigates the issue of women's employment rights.


Letter of recommendation from Cambridge University
Written: 1935
The relative merits of three Cambridge graduates are assessed by the university.

Memo quoting a recommendation for Burgess
Written: 1935
A Cambridge don provides a reference for Guy Burgess

A letter of reference for Burgess
Written: 1936
An astute assessment of Burgess' strengths and weaknesses by his Cambridge University tutor.

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