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A man and woman in Gretna Green.Marriage in the 1950s and 60s :
From wedding vows to happily ever after?

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Six Sides of a Square : 4: A Woman's World
Broadcast: 1966
'Have women really won equality?'

People for Tomorrow : Selma James: Our Time Is Coming
Broadcast: 1971
Will women's work always be underpaid and under-appreciated?

PM : Kate Millett
Broadcast: 1971
It's more about changing the recipe of the cake than getting an equal slice.

Parents and Children : What do you know about... the National Health Service?
Broadcast: 1973
Mums and dads pit their wits against each other to answer NHS-based questions.

Women at Work : The Lesser Half
Broadcast: 1974
Traditional and progressive views on women and work.

A Childlike Person
Broadcast: 1975
A portrait of Enid Blyton, by her friends and relatives.

A Woman's Place? : 1: A Man's World
Broadcast: 1978
Questioning the myths and realities of a woman's role in society.

The Gathering
Broadcast: 1982
Harrowing memories of the concentration camps recounted by survivors.

A Year in the Life : Twenty Years On: Craghead
Broadcast: 1990
Revisiting the story of miners from a documentary made in 1969.

Grandchild of the Holocaust
Broadcast: 2005
A Holocaust survivor and her grandson return to the scene to unlock her story.

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