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A group of Morris dancers.Bank Holidays :
Celebrating the traditional British day off

25 programmes, 3 documents

Princess Elizabeth recording her speech in South Africa.Princess Elizabeth :
Queen Elizabeth II's journey to the throne

19 programmes


The Royal Wedding, 1947 : Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten
Broadcast: 1947
Crowds cheer as the happy couple emerge from Westminster Abbey.

The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill : Part 1
Broadcast: 1965
London pauses as the state funeral procession begins.

The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill : Part 2
Broadcast: 1965
The approach to St Paul's Cathedral and the commencement of the service.

The State Funeral Of Sir Winston Churchill : Part 3
Broadcast: 1965
The conclusion of the service and the journey towards Tower Hill.

The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill : Part 4
Broadcast: 1965
The final journey of Winston Churchill.


'Radio Times' for the State Funeral of Winston Churchill
Written: 1965
The procession route and Order of Service.

Memo about the Anniversary of the Battle of Britain
Written: 1943
Why marking the anniversary of the Battle of Britain is so important.

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