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The Beatles.Music from the Mersey :
The story of pop music in Liverpool

23 programmes, 2 galleries

A man and woman in Gretna Green.Marriage in the 1950s and 60s :
From wedding vows to happily ever after?

18 programmes


Roving Reporter : Smithfield Market
Broadcast: 1959
A tour around Belfast's 'palace of variety'.

Six Sides of a Square : 4: A Woman's World
Broadcast: 1966
'Have women really won equality?'

Football Legends : Jimmy Greaves
Broadcast: 1997
'It's a funny old game.'

Football Legends : Geoff Hurst
Broadcast: 1997
England's 1966 hero recalls the match that changed his life.

Football Legends : Jack Charlton
Broadcast: 1997
How the Leeds and England player could have been a career miner.

Football Legends : Ray Wilson
Broadcast: 1999
The low-profile World Cup hero.

Football Legends : Gordon Banks
Broadcast: 1999
England's greatest goalkeeper.

Football Legends : Bobby Charlton
Broadcast: 1999
Footballing royalty in conversation.

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