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The Beatles.Music from the Mersey :
The story of pop music in Liverpool

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Street Musicians : Welsh Miners' Choir
Broadcast: 1936
Two recordings of a Welsh male-voice choir.

Roving Reporter : Clones Fleadh
Recorded: 1964
The music festival is in full swing on a sunny day in Clones.

Man Alive : Top Class People
Broadcast: 1967
How working-class celebrities like Twiggy became fashionable.

Tomorrow's World : Moog Synthesiser
Broadcast: 1969
It's the sound of the future - the Moog synthesiser.

Man In His Place : Durham: 1: A Man's Life
Broadcast: 1972
Exploring the culture and social history of the Durham coal fields.

Omnibus : Shafts Of Sunlight
Broadcast: 1975
Where there's muck, there's brass... and pigeons and lurchers and bingo too.

Tomorrow's World : Review of 1980
Broadcast: 1980
A compilation of items from 1980.

Music Weekly : Miklos Rozsa
Broadcast: 1984
In conversation with the prolific cinematic composer.

The Great Egg Race : The Robot Piano Player
Broadcast: 1985
Can the teams make beautiful music together?

Late Show: Face to Face : Anthony Burgess
Broadcast: 1989
The emotional forces driving the work of Anthony Burgess.

For Your Ears Only
Broadcast: 1995
Miss Moneypenny's guide to the theme songs of the James Bond films.

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