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Enid Blyton in her study.Enid Blyton and the BBC :
Revealing the writer's troubled relationship with the BBC

19 documents

Guy BurgessGuy Burgess at the BBC :
The early career of the Cambridge spy

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Corporal Jones from 'Dad's Army'.Dad's Army at 40 :
How Captain Mainwaring and Sergeant Wilson got called up

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George Orwell.George Orwell at the BBC :
The writer of 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' holds true to his ideals

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Archive pioneer Aline Carter listens to a phonograph recording of Gladstone.Archive Pioneers :
Saviours of sound at the BBC

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Modern Conditions : HG Wells
Broadcast: 1932
Our economic and political lives are 'out of gear'.

News : Latest TV Equipment for Olympiad
Broadcast: 1948
TV announces a new era of comfort for crews and better pictures for viewers

Men, Women and Clothes : How Fashions Come and Go
Broadcast: 1957
The BBC's first ever series in colour explores the history of fashion.

Men, Women and Clothes : Sense and Nonsense in Fashion
Broadcast: 1957
Irrational clothes - a look at why we wear things we can't function in.

Men, Women and Clothes : Fashions in Faces and Figures
Broadcast: 1957
How fashion dictates body shape and facial decoration.

Men, Women and Clothes : Formal Clothes
Broadcast: 1957
From christenings to funerals - how clothes signify important occasions.

Men, Women and Clothes : Informal Clothes
Broadcast: 1957
Everyday wear from the last 200 years.

Men, Women and Clothes : Facing the Elements
Broadcast: 1957
'The purpose of most fashion is to be ostentatiously non-functional.'


Operation Pegasus Memo
Written: 1950
The costs of the first live broadcast from the air.

Audience Research Report on Men, Women and Clothes
Written: 1957
The BBC's report into what audiences thought about the first episode of 'Men, Women and Clothes'

Correspondence on Concerns about Promoting Communism
Written: 1942
Should the BBC try to temper public enthusiasm for Russia?

The BBC 'War Book': Air Raid Warnings
Written: 1938
Precautions to protect staff from air raids.

The BBC 'War Book': Variety Programmes
Written: 1938
Plans for variety programmes during wartime.

The BBC 'War Book': 'Radio Times'
Written: 1939
Plans for the 'Radio Times' during wartime.

Instructions for the News Department on the Outbreak of War
Written: 1939
'This department will have to stand by in a period of comparative chaos.'

The BBC 'War Book': Defence
Written: 1939
Defence: the Corporation's plans in the event of war.

Memo Regarding the Protection of Broadcasting House
Written: 1939
Are the headquarters of the BBC in danger from an air attack?

Reply to Memo Regarding the Protection of Broadcasting House
Written: 1939
Is there a need to camouflage the headquarters of the BBC?

Air Raid Defence Scheme
Written: 1939
Remember your gas mask.

'Radio Times': Programmes for September 3-9
Written: 1939
The front cover of the 'Radio Times' from the pre-war edition.

'Radio Times': Programmes for September 4-10
Written: 1939
The front cover of the 'Radio Times' from the wartime revised edition.

Memo from General Manager, Outside Broadcasts
Written: 1965
Peter Dimmock shares the latest arrangements for Churchill's funeral.

Press Release for BBC Broadcast of Churchill's State Funeral
Written: 1965
Richard Dimbleby announced as sole commentator.

Letter from Richard Dimbleby to Harry Middleton
Written: 1965
Commentator thanks colleague for his letters about Churchill's funeral.

Letter from Richard Dimbleby to Antony Craxton
Written: 1965
Richard Dimbley pays tribute to his producer for the Churchill state funeral broadcast.

Radio Times - Televising the Olympic Games
Written: 1948
Exciting times for the new BBC television service.

Radio Times - Television Commentators at the Olympic Games
Written: 1948
The faces behind the voices commentating on the Olympic Games.

John Reith's Diary
Written: 1936
An eyewitness account of the King's abdication.


An Unearthly Cast
A gallery of images showing the original stars of 'Doctor Who'.

The Creators of 'Doctor Who'
The people behind the scenes who brought us TV's greatest science fiction hero.

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