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Artist Francis Bacon.Francis Bacon at the BBC :
The artist discusses his paintings and influences

6 programmes

A self portrait by Vincent Van Gogh.Van Gogh :
Portraits of the Artist

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News : Sport in Art Exhibition
Broadcast: 1948
The art world celebrates the Olympics.

British Art and Artists : A Sculptor's Landscape
Broadcast: 1958
Henry Moore's work shown amid the natural landscape that inspired him.

Radio Newsreel : Edward G Robinson
Recorded: 1962
The Hollywood 'heavy' describes his love for beautiful things.

The Lively Arts : Henry Moore
Broadcast: 1966
How stumbling into the underground one night led to Henry Moore's wartime shelter drawings.

Henry Moore : One Yorkshireman Looks at His World.
Broadcast: 1967
Henry Moore reflects on his origins and his life's work.

Henry Moore at Home : A Private View of a Personal Collection
Broadcast: 1974
Henry Moore discusses the artwork he has chosen for his home.

Omnibus : Shafts Of Sunlight
Broadcast: 1975
Where there's muck, there's brass... and pigeons and lurchers and bingo too.

Arena: Art and Design : Henry Moore Meets Leonardo
Broadcast: 1978
Henry Moore discusses Da Vinci's anatomical drawings.

The Lively Arts : Henry Moore at Eighty
Broadcast: 1978
Henry Moore gives a private viewing of his sketches.

Conversations with Artists : Henry Moore
Broadcast: 1981
Henry Moore reflects on his life as an artist.

The Levin Interviews : Henry Moore
Broadcast: 1983
'An artist whose name and work are known wherever art is known'.

Arena : Henry Moore
Broadcast: 1986
John Read shares his personal memories of the artist he filmed six times over 28 years.

Late Show: Face to Face : John Berger
Broadcast: 1995
The Booker Prize-winner and art critic discusses his work.

Henry Moore - Carving a Reputation : 1898-1945
Broadcast: 1998
Recollections of the artist as student, teacher and innovator.

Henry Moore - Carving a Reputation : 1945-1986
Broadcast: 1998
The concluding part of a study of Henry Moore.

Personal Touch : Marianne Grant
Broadcast: 2003
Artist Marianne Grant tells of how she was forced to paint for Dr Josef Mengele in Auschwitz.

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