Contributor Rights

Contributor Rights

An interview with Simon Haywood-Tapp from the BBC Rights department

There's a whole department in the BBC that negotiates agreements so the BBC can re-broadcast archive programmes. This interview with BBC Rights expert Simon Hayward-Tapp explains why rights is a complicated subject.


What if the person with 'rights' cannot be traced?

We go through quite a detailed process of trying to find them, because we want to find them, we want to get their permission, and we want to give them some money quite often. If we're not able to do that, then that won't necessarily stop us using the programme. We'll do something that we call in my department an 'await claim', which basically means we'll await them seeing that we've used the programme and making a claim against us, and if they do then we'll pay them. So we put money aside for them, because we want to pay them if we can. But that shouldn't stop us, if we've gone through a great process of trying to track them down, from using the programme and it doesn't.

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