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'Radio Times' Presents the Third Doctor Who

Jon Pertwee's Doctor Who graces the front cover of 'Radio Times'.


RADIO TIMES 1 January 1970

Radio Times [front cover]
North of England Edition
Programmes for 3-9 January: Ninepence

Image of Jon Pertwee in startled pose.
Caption reads: Who? Jon Pertwee, that's Dr. Who
Saturday BBC1 Colour

RADIO TIMES 1 January 1970
Page 6

Welcome to 1970
Dr Who, Val Doonican,
Ivanhoe, A Question of Sport,
Barry Humphries's Scandals, and many more besides...

A new decade, a batch of beginnings on BBC Television. This week there are 16 new series starting. Next week another seven begin, too. Some are altogether new, others are old favourites returning.
Below, and on pages 9 and 10, Deirdre Macdonald introduces them all...

This week
Dr Who
Saturday 5.15
BBC1 Colour

'Small children and animals are every actor's nightmare - I have to cope with monsters,' says Jon Pertwee, latest actor to become Dr Who (in colour for the first time).
The Tardis descends on a wood and the new doctor is hurt. On recovery he agrees to assist the United Nations Intelligence Task-force - UNIT - with an investigation into strange meteorites.

RADIO TIMES 1 January 1970
Page 17

[Image of Jon Pertwee and Nicholas Courtney wearing mining helmets.]
Caption: Dr Who? Or is it? Find out at 5.15

5.15 Colour: New series
Dr Who
starring Jon Pertwee
with Caroline John and Nicholas Courtney
Spearhead from Space by ROBERT HOLMES

Part 1: A swarm of 'meteorites' lands - and so does the Tardis. From it emerges a new Doctor - or is it an impostor?

UNIT technician Ellis Jones
UNIT officer Tessa Shaw
Seeley Neil Wilson
Dr Who Jon Pertwee
Liz Shaw Caroline John
Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart Nicholas Courtney
Captain Munro John Breslin
Dr Henderson Antony Webb
Nurse Helen Dorward
Mullins Talfryn Thomas
Corporal Forbes George Lee
UNIT soldier Iain Smith
Wagstaffe Allan Mitchell
Second Reporter Prentis Hancock
Channing Hugh Burden

Title music by Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Incidental music by Dudley Simpson
Script editor Terrance Dicks
Designer Paul Allen
Producer Derrick Sherwin
Directed by Derek Martinus

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01 January 1970

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'Radio Times' welcomes Jon Pertwee as the new Doctor Who. Inside, a short introduction to the new TV season highlights Pertwee's arrival, while his inaugural episode is treated to a photograph on the listings page.

Article courtesy of 'The Radio Times' Magazine.

Did you know?

The photograph accompanying 'Spearhead from Space' actually comes from a different story, 'Doctor Who and the Silurians', which began transmission four weeks later and saw the Doctor and the Brigadier discover a race of prehistoric people who have emerged from millions of years of hibernation.


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