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Vincent Disneur

Vincent Disneur

A self confessed perfectionist

Age: 29
Career: Sales Manager – Telecoms Software
Lives: Canterbury

Boardroom Appearances countcount

Episode Five: Oh My Dog


Vincent got his chance to prove himself to Lord Sugar when he was elected as Project Manager and confidently stated, ‘there may be people that are good but I think I’m better’. He immediately called his team into a brainstorming session and after totally ignoring the result of the focus group, decided to call his brand ‘Every Dog’, an idea pitched by his pal Jim.  

Jim became quite the wingman to Vincent, helping him with the brand name, auditioning the dogs and managing the commercial edit. In fact he helped out so much that Nick referred to him as the ‘Batman’ to Vincent’s ‘Robin’. 
When it was revealed that the name was one of the main reasons his team had lost the task, Vincent was asked to bring the perpetrator back into the boardroom but instead he brought in Ellie and Natasha. Vincent’s loyalty to Jim was strongly questioned by Lord Sugar, but after Ellie was fired, Vincent thought he’d had a reprieve. He hadn’t, Lord Sugar decided to fire him as well. Oh dear!


Episode Four: He sells seashells


Vincent, ‘the most female boy of the lot’, was considered an asset by his fellow team members, an accolade he supported himself by saying, ‘I know my cosmetics’. 
When confronted with the Lava hot shell, Vincent exclaimed, ‘I think it’s wonderful and I think I could sell one of those.’ Although his attention waned when Tom was relaying the sales figures, he remained true to his word and took to the art of selling the massage shells with great gusto. 
In the boardroom it was raised that team Logic had lost out on the spray tan treatment and even Vincent’s own bronze glow, which was recognized by Lord Sugar, wasn’t going to save their team from a fail. Vincent wasn’t brought back into the boardroom, but gave this promise, ‘I need to be Project Manager so I’m not in this situation again’. Watch this space, the future is orange! 


Episode Three: Lady Chiller


After volunteering himself for Project Manager, Vincent decided to pass the responsibility over to Gavin, backing him up with a ‘you do own your own business’. Following three hours of trying to find leads, Vincent became annoyed with Gavin’s leadership qualities and told him ‘we’re wasting far too much time trying to do our own little thing’. Gavin fought back with his own brand of Liverpudlian colloquialism and told him to ‘calm down’. 
After being put in charge of Zoe, Ellie and Natasha, Vincent took his sub-team off on a mission to find the items on the hotel’s list of requirements. Having previously been noted for his ‘charm with the ladies’, he immediately set about grossly offending his female team members by talking over them and taking the phones from their ears, mid-conversation.
In the boardroom Vincent claimed that he wished he’d taken on the Project Manger’s role himself.  This statement received a fair amount of backlash, with Gavin claiming, ‘he couldn’t run a bath’ and Ellie agreeing, ‘he wasn’t a good manager of me…’  After wondering if Vincent’s ability to waffle was because of his Belgian descent, Lord Sugar decided not to fire him and Vincent goes on to waffle another day. 

Episode Two: App-solutely tongue-tied…


After an attempt at pun humour that fell miserably flat on it’s face, Vincent helped the rest of his team with ideas for their mobile phone App. Raising his fears that the concept for Slangatang may offend people rather than entertain, he still got behind the App and was selected as one of Leon’s top sellers.

Given the responsibility of leading the second pitch, Vincent stumbled with his words and eventually froze, leaving Jim to step in and help him out. Things went from bad to worse when ‘the question of taste’ and ‘racial stereotypes’ was raised by the online magazine executives.

Vincent defended his App as being ‘a bit of fun’ and the boys left the meeting to give themselves a collective pat on the back. In the boardroom, when it was revealed that the boys had failed to get a higher amount of downloads than the girls, the fact that Vincent had ‘fluffed his speech’ was raised by Jim as a reason for him being brought back into the boardroom.

Vincent remained tongue-tied but escaped the firing line.

Vincent was on losing team Logic.
App Downloads after 6 hours: just under 3000
Total downloads after 24 hrs: 3951

Episode One: Ability hostility…


Sales Manager Vincent was the first to put forward a team name by suggesting ‘Ability’, pitching it as ‘a positive name’. He gained one vote for his suggestion, his own.

After opting to invest Lord Sugar’s £250 into the production of soup and orange juice, Vincent helped the sales of his product by using one of the most powerful business tools available to him, ‘charming the ladies’. Even Karren Brady admitted, ‘strangely enough they seem to be quite impressed’.

In the boardroom he criticised Edward’s lack of planning and told Lord Sugar what he thought to be the logic behind the team’s financial forecast. He wasn’t brought back to the boardroom, raising the all-important question – how can he top pink socks?

Vincent was on losing team Logic. Their total profit was £432.13.

About Vincent

Half-Belgian and half-Swiss, Glasgow-born Vincent is a film buff and frequent traveler with a penchant for theatre.

The self confessed perfectionist who was a Liverpool mascot as a child, names Bill Gates and Richard Branson as role models and would love to have been the brains behind Microsoft.

Check back for weekly updates on Vincent during the series ...

I have an unprecedented amount of business acumen

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