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Natasha Scribbins

Natasha Scribbins

Worked cleaning the bakeries of a major retail chain at the age of 15 before venturing into business

Age: 31
Career: Divisional Manager – Recruitment
Lives: Taunton

Boardroom Appearances countcount

Episode Eleven: The graduate 


Natasha proudly told her team-mates that she had a BA (Hons) in Hospitality Management and as part of her degree she had to create and brand her own restaurant. It looked like it could have been the perfect task for Natasha had she not got ‘hostile’ confused with ‘hospitality’. 

When Mexican food was suggested as the theme, Natasha admitted that she didn’t like the idea, but said, ‘She’d go along with it’. Project Manager Jim attempted to tap into Natasha’s experience and give her the main kitchen role, but was told flatly, ‘I can’t cook’. Placed on the branding team with Susan it looked like her chance had finally come to step into the light and showcase her degree skills. However, unless she’d taken a whole degree in arguing with Susan and shouting the word ‘pepper’ down the phone, it’s safe to say she didn’t. 
After it was announced that Team Venture had lost the task, questions were asked and Natasha’s degree was brought up once again. She defended herself by saying ‘Yes, I have a degree, but I don’t claim to have an expertise in it’.  There were a few confused glances and then Natasha was fired. 


Episode Ten: Natasha is left helicopter-less


Natasha won the fight with Susan over who was to become Project Manager by over using words such as ‘Operationally’ and ‘Process’. However, she agreed to welcome any input from Susan and gushed through gritted teeth, ‘I’m over the moon you’re on this team today’. 

Day One saw Natasha buy in bulk at the wholesalers and then get right into the important task of arguing with Susan. Natasha’s team sold their way through many umbrellas and nodding dogs, but a worried Jim questioned her strategy of not replenishing their stock. Jim was told to, ‘Keep up, yeah’. Finally, after more arguing with Susan, Natasha relented and let Jim dash to the wholesalers to invest the grand total of £22. 

Natasha’s team won the task, but instead of hanging out the bunting, they were told by Lord Sugar that Natasha’s refusal to reinvest showed ‘no guts’ and they were having their prize of a helicopter ride revoked as punishment. Natasha went back to the house, poured herself a cup of tea and carried on arguing with Susan. 


Episode Nine: Natasha finds herself Macaroon’d on a solitary island


Placed with Project Manager Helen, Natasha found herself a little on the outside looking in during this task. When Jim and Helen were joking about their biscuit names, Natasha accidentally stamped on the punch line with a, ‘It sounds a bit rude’. When Jim and Helen talked about the selling power of flapjacks, Natasha warned, ‘It stands out as being the most unhealthy’ and when Jim pitched his slogan to Helen as, ‘Any time is treat time’, Natasha cut it dead, with an alarmed, ‘They’re not dogs!

When flapjack star-shaped biscuits were selected as the product and ‘Any time is treat time’ as the slogan, Natasha finally snapped and told Helen, ‘I strongly disagree with that’. Claiming the slogan was contradictory, she vented, ‘It’s a big risk really, sidelining someone in your team’. Natasha did get behind the product, but struggled with the concept, telling the designer, ‘Our Special Stars take away the restriction of time’. When Natasha tried to justify the slogan during the supermarket pitches, Karren Brady worried that the rest of the team were viewing her with a, ‘There she goes again attitude’.

In the boardroom, when asked if Helen had been a strong Project Manager, she replied, ‘I’ve been with Helen when she’s been a stronger team leader’. After it was announced that her team had won the task with one of the major supermarkets placing an order for 800,000 units, Natasha went off to enjoy her treat, watching Helen and Jim find each other hilarious at the local country club.


Episode Eight: Natasha’s on the pitch, they think it’s all over, it is now…


Natasha was tasked with helping Tom choose the products to pitch to the retailers in France. Agreeing that the beanbag couch wasn’t the best option for them, like a moth to the flame Natasha headed for the teapot light and gushed, ‘It’s a good option'.

Packed off to France to pitch their products, Natasha and Tom had a false start when it was revealed that Melody wouldn’t give up any of her appointments. However, there was still the major pitch that Lord Sugar had arranged and what better way to decide who led the presentation than a game of Scissors, Paper, Stone. Natasha’s scissors cut Tom’s paper and before she knew it she was standing in front of a panel of executives, trying to persuade them that the flying teapot light was a ‘fashion icon’, much to their horror.

Natasha did rescue her day back by securing an impressive sale for €1,015 worth of cress-filled postcards. Later on in the boardroom, Natasha kept tight-lipped when it was revealed that her team had lost the task and when she was allowed to leave the boardroom, Lord Sugar warned her, ‘You are very lucky young lady’. Natasha returned to the house to ponder whether any of the kitchen utensils could be the next Naomi Campbell. 


Episode Seven: One for the lads…


Natasha took to the role of Project Manager with great gusto, leading a brainstorming session and insisting that her team go for the target market of the ‘Lads’ magazine’. When asked to expand on her thoughts about her target market, Natasha helpfully pointed out that, ‘Lads’ magazines are about lads, yeah’ and with that cleared up, she went on to choose a name and create article ideas. 
Although unsure at first, Natasha settled on the name ‘Covered’ and when ‘raising the tone’ was pitched as a concept, she decided that ‘Porn sells’ and then hired in a half naked model for the front cover. Her choice of content also caused a few twitches amongst certain members of the team, with the article, ‘How do you blow your load?’ causing the most discomfort, but as Natasha kept telling everyone, she was ‘The Editor’, therefore ‘How do you blow your load?’ and the surfer/builder/half dressed model stayed. 
During the pitches, Natasha agreed to let Leon have his turn, but when he momentarily faltered, she couldn’t help jumping in and steering the pitch herself. However, her efforts paid off. All of the media buyers went on to buy space in ‘Covered’ magazine, with one in particular buying advertising space on every page. Natasha led her team to victory and went off to ponder how she might ‘blow her load’ if she won the £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar?  


Episode Six: Stop it and tidy up…


Natasha wholeheartedly supported Helen’s bid for Project Manager by saying, ‘Helen has stood out for me, as she’s put her strategy straight on the table’. She also indicated that her experience in construction recruitment may be a bonus, by boasting, ‘I might be quite good at this’.

Natasha started her day with a quick argument with Melody over who was shouting the loudest. She then went on to help Helen at the commercial pitch, backing her idea to charge nothing for the removal of items that could be sold on. Pitch done and dusted it was time for another argument with Melody, this time about who could produce the best twist on an old saying. ‘The horse has bolted’ and The train has left the station’ were both strong contenders, but Melody clinched it with ‘The train has moved on to another station’ and Natasha seemed to back down.

When faced with manual labour, however, Natasha came up trumps, shifting, lifting and giving boys Jim and Tom a run for their money. Team Logic won on a difference of £6 and Natasha was able to return to the house to see if she could work ‘Natasha has left the boardroom’ into a useful idiom.  


Episode Five: Strike a paws


During a brainstorming session in the car, Natasha did try to get her ideas showcased, by suggesting the name ‘Total Dog’, but was ignored by Jim and Vincent, who went down the brand route of ‘Every Dog’. 

Still, it wasn’t all bad as Natasha discovered that she may have found her calling in directing TV commercials. Barking orders, running around like a dog and growling at Ellie who was interfering with ‘her vision’, she put together the TV commercial with total commitment.  
Natasha’s vision was a success with the advertisers agreeing that her advert was the better executed of the two. Vincent brought her back into the boardroom anyway, in a bid to save his beloved buddy Jim.  He then tried to set his case for her to be fired, by saying, ‘When it suits Natasha, she will pipe up’. Lord Sugar questioned Natasha’s presence in the firing line by saying, ‘I don’t understand for the life of me why Natasha is in this room’. Vincent and Ellie were both fired and Natasha was allowed to scamper back to the house.


Episode Four: Think I better weave right now…


Birmingham ‘expert’ Natasha put forward a strong case for her team to have their beauty stand and treatment room in a central location, despite the fact that they would have to transport their customers three floors up. Taking an instant shine to the fake hair, Natasha worked with Felicity to purchase the ‘winges’ and helped set up the sales stands in Birmingham’s Bullring. 

From there it was a breeze, Natasha was like a one woman weave machine, matching ‘winges’ to fringes and blonde hair plaits to dark brown hair with the pitch ‘just because it’s blonde it doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t look good’. However, like the rest of her team, she completely forgot that as well as pushing the sales of fake hair through the roof, they were supposed to be selling Spa treatments.
In the boardroom when it was announced that Felicity’s team had lost the task, Natasha claimed it was because there was ‘no process implemented’. When Felicity defended herself, Natasha backtracked slightly and added, ‘maybe there was, but it was very’. Felicity brought Natasha back into the boardroom for using website addresses as a replacement for everyday language, but although Karren Brady advised Lord Sugar that Natasha was, ‘all talk’ he decided not to fire her. 


Episode Three: Brassed off


Placed on newly arranged team Logic, Natasha set about trying to impress her team members by coming up with a plan to get sales leads quickly. Natasha phoned up a rival hotel and asked for their list of suppliers, telling them, ‘everyone’s a winner’.  When it became obvious that this was no winning solution Natasha was asked to abandon her plan by Gavin. 
Not fazed in the slightest, Natasha joined the sub-team with Vincent at the helm. She quickly came to blows with her sub-leader when he interrupted her sales pitch for a brass sign in favour of finishing the deal himself. 
She also raised her annoyance with Vincent in the boardroom, questioning his managerial skills and telling him, ‘I would have liked to have finished the pitch myself’. The signs weren’t there for Gavin though and Natasha wasn’t brought back into the boardroom to argue her case. 

Episode Two: The Name Game


Throwing herself into market research, Natasha searched the streets to find out exactly what the people of Britain wanted from their mobile phone App. The answer it seemed was an annoying sounds device and Natasha quickly claimed her glory by coming up with a name for it ‘Ampi-App’.

She went on to help pitch the idea to a number of online professionals but when the question of ‘why the picture of an elephant was accompanied by the sound of a barking dog’ came up, Natasha shrugged off their concerns by saying ‘the elephant was chosen because it ‘represents one of the noisiest types of animals’.

She then went on to demonstrate what an elephant’s trumpet sounded like, much to the bemusement of all in the room. In the boardroom when asked by Lord Sugar, ‘who wasn’t completely happy with the App’, Natasha raised her hand, causing Edna to be ‘shocked’ by her defiance.

However, after it was announced that the girls had won the task, Natasha packed her trunk and headed back to the safety of the house.

Natasha was on winning team Venture.
App Downloads after 6 hours: just under 1000
Total downloads after 24 hrs: 10667

Episode One: Potty over fruit…


After the team name of Venture was agreed and the product of pasta and fruit pots selected, Natasha set about helping the girls with their mission for bargain ingredients.

Based in Canary Wharf, Natasha tried the friendly approach to sell her pots, which wasn’t always met with enthusiasm from the passers-by. When delivery from the pasta team failed to materialize, Natasha joined her fruit club and set off to help the other team push the pasta with a lower price.

After it was revealed in the boardroom that the fresh fruit pots had secured the winning of the task, Natasha was able to return to the house to enjoy a bubbly reception.

Natasha was on the winning team Venture. Their total profit was £592.

About Natasha

German born Natasha achieved only four GCSEs but went on to graduate from university with a Bachelors Degree in International Hospitality Management. Happy to get her hands dirty Natasha worked cleaning the bakeries of a major retail chain at the age of 15 before venturing into business. An avid fitness fanatic, Natasha is inspired by the Nike brand for their representation of women in sport.

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I'm tenacious, I'm charming, I'm witty

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