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Leon Doyle

Leon Doyle

Describes himself as ‘charming, genuine and honest

Age: 26
Career: Fast Food Marketing Entrepreneur
Lives: Leeds

Boardroom Appearances countcount


Episode Eight: Show me the Monet 


Leon warned his fellow candidates early on in the task that, ‘I don’t speak French’. It was a statement that was to be repeated many times during the day. Boarding the Eurostar to Paris he stated, ‘I’m really bewildered at this one’, but found his way clear to tackling the first important question of the day, ‘What’s for breakfast?’

Leon ‘doesn’t speak French’, so he followed Melody (who could speak French fluently) around in awe, muttering ‘This is great isn’t it’. When it came to conducting market research, inspired by the Parisian street artists, Leon sketched pictures of flying teapot lamps and matchstick children wearing rucksacks. He then shoved them under the noses of bemused passers-by. It was only later on in the day that the penny dropped and Leon admitted, ‘I’m not doing anything, which is a bit of a shame’. Realizing his mistake, Leon, ‘Who doesn’t speak French’, managed to wrestle one of Melody’s precious appointments from her grasp and went on to clinch an order for 35 teapot lamps.  

When it was announced that Leon’s team had lost the task by over €200,000, there were questions to be answered. Lord Sugar told Leon to ‘chip in’ and explain exactly what he’d done on the task. When Leon answered the question by proudly telling Lord Sugar about his flying teapot drawings, the writing was on the wall. Leon, ‘Who doesn’t speak French’, was fired, although it is said that a signed Leon teapot drawing could go for thousands...


Episode Seven: Leon is very nearly hailed as a genius…


Placed on Team Logic, Leon admitted that he’d read his fair share of lads’ mags, so was happy to back it as an idea and helpfully pointed out, ‘The whole point of this task is to get the most revenue from the advertisers’. 

When the magazine’s name was decided on as ‘Covered’, Leon set about suggesting a layout for the front page and various article ideas based on their ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ ethic. Leon’s first suggestion of ‘How do you make a grand in a day?’, an article based on their previous task, was received with mild interest. Leon therefore decided to up the ‘lad’ stakes, with the idea, ‘How do you blow your load?’ From this, he received a dropped jaw and then near God-like status from Natasha. 
With the first pitch to the media buyer under his belt, Leon was voted as the person best suited to continue the other presentations, but as soon as he paused for breath, Natasha jumped in and finished off his sentences. In the boardroom when it was recognised that the article, ‘How to make a grand in a day?’ was Leon’s idea, Lord Sugar praised him by saying, ‘That is entrepreneurial spirit, I think that’s quite smart’. Team Logic won the task and Leon went off to add a big head to the big biceps he’d acquired in the previous task. 


Episode Six: Rag and moan man…


Although Leon admitted that he had had dealings in the rubbish industry by saying, ‘I was a driver’s mate and a driver’, he opted out of the Project Manager’s role, by insisting, ‘If there’s going to be quite a lot of manual labour involved, that’s probably how I see myself helping out’.

His first task was to hunt out tradesmen who had commercial rubbish to clear, but when he, mistakenly, tried to sell removals to a removal company, he jokingly backed down by saying, ‘I guess we’re talking to the wrong person’. Leon proved his weight in rubbish by lifting, clearing and packing heavy goods and showed little concern about how his new biceps might fit through the boardroom door.

When Leon’s team was told that they had lost the task by £6 profit, Leon moaned, ‘We just didn’t have £6 worth of copper’. Glenn said that Leon ‘didn’t really contribute’ to the task, but Leon stood firm. He wasn’t brought back into the boardroom and lives on to flex his muscles in the next task.


Episode Five: Cat Flapping


Leon not only thought that he had the task in the bag when he came up with the name ‘Lucky Fish’ for the brand of cat food, he also thought that by adding the slogan ‘catch of the day’ it might even win him the whole competition. Looking pleased as punch at his suggestion, he told his teammates, ‘You know what guys…shall I just become The Apprentice?' There was an awkward silence. 

Although the focus group loved Leon’s ‘Lucky Fish’ concept, an idea based on ‘giving your fish a break’ by feeding your cat properly, Glenn rejected it in favour of his own idea, ‘Catsize’. When Glenn gave Leon the job of writing the pitch and presenting it to the advertising executives, Leon regarded the act as suspicious and ‘a tactical move’. He then spent an impressive amount of time ignoring the pitch and instead drawing pictures of cats in blue biro.  
Sadly, Leon’s presentation skills weren’t as good as they could have been and after lots of fumbling, his audience was left feeling decidedly feral. However, Leon’s team won the task and he went off to take tennis lessons from Pat Cash. Let’s hope his serve is better than his pitch. 


Episode Four: No Spray!


To start off with, Leon seemed extremely cautious about the beauty task and complained that he couldn’t possibly get excited about selling a range of men’s make up because, ‘I have a girlfriend and if she thought I was wearing make up..'
He was equally terrified during the training session for the spray tan, telling the girls, ‘The two of you can do it…I don’t think it’s necessary’. Finally buckling under the pressure from his team, Leon clutched the spray gun, closed his eyes and out came his ‘inner tan’. 
It was onwards and upwards from there. Leon pushed nail polish, teased treatments and enticed customers with a special sales trick involving his little finger and a lot of tongue-and-cheek. In the boardroom Project Manager Zoe said that she hadn’t seen the sales figures, but thought that he’d done ‘excellent’ and when it was revealed that Venture had won the task, he went off to enjoy his treat - dance lessons. Good luck with that.


Episode Three: A Hat-Trick For Leon?


After finding himself in the boardroom for two weeks running, Leon may have felt that he had a lot of things to prove during this task. As part of team Venture, Leon set about finding telephone leads for the sales team to approach. 

Based on Susan’s ‘hat team’ Leon did indeed prove a few valuable points. The first being, top hats are expensive and the second: if you wear one tilted slightly to the left, you can appear really quite dashing to your other team members; a not altogether helpful point, but also not a completely useless one. 
The regal top hat may have gone to Leon’s head, as when the purchasing continued  Nick Hewer worried that the hat team’s spending had been out of control and ‘it might cost them’. Luckily for them, they won the task with £8 profit and Leon was allowed to return to the house and ponder the age-old question, ‘Did I really look good in that hat, or were they just being kind’?

Episode Two: Making your mind up…

After finding himself in the boardroom last week, Leon elected himself Project Manager, wanting to prove to Lord Sugar that he’d ‘taken on his notes’. Agreeing to Glenn’s Slangatang mobile phone App idea, despite worrying that it wasn’t ‘global enough’, Leon set about taking pictures for the design and picking a team of ‘top sellers’ for his online magazine meetings.

He conquered the first pitch himself, but then chose to put Vincent at the helm; a decision that was proven to be wrong after Vincent ‘fluffed his lines’. Enthusiastically he helped his team give a lively pitch at the gaming fair and even went as far as to say he was, ‘very confident about winning the task’.

When the boys were informed they had lost the task, Leon had to bring two members back into the boardroom. Firstly, he chose Jim, but when Jim complained, Leon backed down selecting Glenn instead. He was saved from being fired, but Lord Sugar stated in no uncertain boardroom terms that he, ‘didn’t want to see him in here again’.

Leon was on losing team Logic.
App Downloads after 6 hours: just under 3000
Total downloads after 24 hrs: 3951

Episode One: Juice abuse…

Leon told the boys that his first impression of the other candidates made him feel ‘quietly confident’. This quietness seemed to get louder and louder, resulting in him trying to name the boys’ team ‘Leon- trepreneur’, a suggestion that was rejected.  Tasked with taking charge of the four juicing machines, Leon said he was ‘kicking back’ and waiting for his opportunity to ‘shine’.

Unfortunately that shine turned into a collective whine when the juicers broke down, leaving the boys to squeeze 1400 oranges by hand.  It was pointed out to Leon that one of the reasons why the manufacturing hadn’t gone according to plan was a case of ‘mishandling the equipment’ and Leon was brought back into the boardroom.

When asked to inspire Lord Sugar he gave a valiant speech and escaped the firing line.

Leon was on losing team Logic. Their total profit was £432.13.

About Leon

Harrogate born Leon, a former paper boy and lorry driver, describes himself as ‘charming, genuine and honest'.  Leon, who survived a near fatal fall from a tree at the age of 12 once completed the Great North Run for charity.

A Director and Founder of an online takeaway ordering site and publishing business, Leon notes Richard Branson and Apple as inspirational.

Check back for weekly updates on Leon during the series ...

I'd be surprised if people had done the same thing as me in a year period

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