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Helen Louise Milligan

Helen Louise Milligan

Describes herself as ‘calm, loyal and tenacious’

Age: 30
Career: Executive Assistant to CEO
Lives: Northumberland

Boardroom Appearances countcount

The Final: Let them eat cake…


Having won nearly all the tasks that she’d been involved in, Helen looked like she was off to a good start. All she needed now was a clear business plan and a strong pitch.  

Helen’s business plan was pitched as a way to help the nation ‘get back on its feet’ by hiring a PA service to come in and tackle all the ‘mundane’ tasks in life. Services ranged from hiring someone to do your food shopping, to prompting you when you needed to go to the dentist. Helen’s pitch was met with confusion and a concern that there were too many companies doing a similar thing.  Although Helen claimed this idea was the one that ‘she was most passionate about’, doubt seemed to set in. 
In the boardroom, Helen’s business plan was questioned further when Karren Brady wondered why Helen hadn’t opted for creating a business around baking, after she had excelled in that area during the previous tasks. Helen took this advice onboard. When it was announced that she’d made the final two, she decided to celebrate by changing her business plan and open a fictional bakery business. It wasn’t quite enough, as although Helen was praised for overall input, she finished in second place. 


Episode Eleven: Helen’s pie and cash shop…


As Project Manager Helen set about selecting food for her outlet, she posed possibly the most important question of the series:  ‘What do we know about pie and mash?’ It turned out, she knew quite a lot.

Helen’s British themed pie shop went into production with a firm business plan, clear branding and a guest appearance from Christopher Columbus. Organizing a ‘dry run’, Helen indulged the popular pastime of ‘Apprentice amateur dramatics’ and set up a role play, where she entered her own restaurant and purchased a pie. It was a performance that would pay off.

During the pitch Helen had a minor malfunction, staring wide-eyed into the crowd and repeating the word ‘menu’ until Tom had to step in and shake her. However, it was a blip on a roaring success. Team Logic won the task and Helen made landing a place in the final look as easy as … pie.


Episode Ten: Helen’s duvet day 


When Melody stepped up to the Project Manager position, Helen chirped, ‘I’m completely behind ya’. And behind her she was, albeit wielding a sharp implement.

Helen’s strategy was to take her products to the retailers and undercut the wholesalers. Helen set about securing a deal for a number of duvet sets, which were to be delivered the next day. After ‘not getting much sleep’, Helen worried about Melody’s leadership qualities and did what most people do over their morning coffee, she asked her to step down as Project Manager whilst organizing a coup that would see herself as leader. It didn’t work, Melody had had porridge. 
Helen may have wished that she had stayed under the duvet herself, as a mix up with closing times left her with 30 duvets sets and no time in which to sell them. In the boardroom Helen’s strategy and duvet deal was severely questioned. However, she wasn’t fired and the beds in the house look fabulous. 


Episode Nine: A star for Helen


Coming from a food background, Helen was eager to put herself forward to be Project Manager and filled her team with confidence, when she stated, ‘I’ve obviously got some experience in biscuits’. Helen came up with the idea of a kids’ biscuit that ‘You can give them after school’ and after a few dodgy names were banded around, ‘Special Stars’ was born. When Jim pitched the slogan for ‘Special Stars’ as ‘Any time is treat time’, Helen batted off Natasha’s concerns that, ‘They’re not dogs’ and ‘It’s contradictory’, by saying, ‘I have no other option’ and decided to plough ahead with the mixed message biscuit anyway.

The fact that Helen’s biscuit was pitched as an after school treat, but with the slogan ‘Any time is treat time’, caused confusion at the pitches and then when questions were raised about the healthiness of the product, Helen’s star looked like it could be about to fall from the sky.

Helen deflected the awkward questions, turned her pitching skills up to eleven and with some help from Jim, she went on to save the day. It was revealed in the boardroom that one of the supermarket outlets had placed an order for 800,000 units of ‘Special Stars’ and once again, Helen was hailed as a star Project Manager. Helen is now on her ninth win, but can she keep her name up in lights during the next task?


Episode Eight: Euro Star!


When Helen moved to Team Venture, the rest of her teammates looked hopeful that they might benefit from her winning streak. Posted off to Paris with Jim, Helen attempted to make a few market research calls, but looked a little confused when she realized the person on the other end of the phone was speaking in a different language. 

Not deterred, she took to the streets of Paris to find out what products Susan and Zoe should bring with them and, after it was revealed that the car seat and the phone grip were the most interesting, Helen set about making appointments with various sales outlets. Lord Sugar had put in place a pitch to a major shopping outlet and it was up to Helen to lead it. She glided through the pitch with ease, winning over her panel with her confidence and excitement over their brand. 
Karren Brady announced that due to ‘the fantastic pitch by Helen’, the major retailer had placed an order for €214,000 worth of car seats. Helen had not only helped to win the task, but also helped break a boardroom record. Will Helen go on to continue her lucky streak? Let’s hope so, as Lord Sugar’s treat was flying lessons. 


Episode Seven: Helen has it Covered…


Helen started by giving her fellow team members one of her famous pep talks and told them, ‘Think about what will appeal to the advertisers’ market, that’s all, forget about everyone else’. When it was decided that the team was to create a lads’ magazine, Helen tried to steer the concept, suggesting that they pitch it at ‘more professional lads’, the team seemed to think that this was a great idea, but only if they could have semi naked ladies in it as well.

Helen and Tom led a focus group and decided that the lads wanted something more ‘tasteful’ from their magazine, an idea that was clearly lost when she tried to pitch ‘naked free’ as the concept. Helen went on to suggest, ‘Covered’ as a possible name for the magazine and batted away any disagreement from her team with a firm, ‘I like Covered’. This, paired with the distant echo of Tom’s voice agreeing, ‘So do I’ sealed the deal and ‘Covered’ it was.

Helen was asked to help direct the photo shoot, which she admitted she found ‘tacky’, but hoped her readership would enjoy it,. Helen also questioned the feature of, ‘How do you blow your load?’ and tried to confirm that they were pitching their magazine as, ‘Raising the tone of lads’ mags’. She was told that she wasn’t and when her team won the task by selling the most advertising space, Helen decided that tacky wasn’t so bad after all.


Episode Six: Queen of the dump…


Putting herself forward as team leader of Team Logic, Helen started with a positive pep talk, telling her teammates, ‘I’ve won the last five, I’m not losing one’.

Helen immediately employed a high-risk strategy of charging nothing for the removal of the junk items, convinced that she would be able to sell them on at a profit. It was a strategy that raised a few eyebrows, particularly from Melody, who questioned the move, but got so carried away with arguing with Natasha that she seemed to forget what she was questioning. Helen’s gamble appeared to pay off and her team secured both of the removal contracts that Lord Sugar had put out to tender. 
There was a moment when Helen’s cheery disposition veered towards ‘Panic Avenue’, when she worried that she wouldn’t be able to finish all of the jobs she’d booked, but with a smile and a few stern words she managed to turn the problem around. Helen led her team to victory, albeit by just £6. She went off to enjoy her Spa and to witness a ground breaking moment in TV history - Tom enjoying his first treat. 


Episode Five: The claws are out…


Placed on Venture’s sub team, Helen’s first task was to come up with ideas and a slogan for a new brand of cat food. Leon, Zoe and Helen decided on ‘Lucky Fish’, a vague concept based around the idea of feeding your cat ‘Lucky Fish’ so that he would be so full up he’d decide against eating your pet fish. 

The cat lovers’ focus group liked it, but when the sub team went back to tell Project Manager Glenn, he unfortunately, hated the idea. From there, the sub team appeared to lose interest in the task, giggling at the cat auditions, when Leon suggested that the auditionee looked more like a ‘chicken than a cat’.  After which, Helen practically fell on the floor laughing when Glenn announced that the product was called ‘Catsize’, with the slogan, ‘See their light…’
She did manage to claw back her hilarity long enough to help record the backing track to the commercial and even helped out the drama student with directions on how to provide the voice of a cat. In the end, Helen was on the winning team and went off to enjoy her tennis lessons. Let’s hope that there was no giggling behind her racket.


Episode Four: Yes we tan


Placed on team Venture, Helen got involved in choosing the treatments for their Spa range. When the spray tan team pitched their product, Helen showed great enthusiasm, which was a good job really, as that was what she ended up doing for the majority of the task. 

Based in the out of town shopping complex, Helen introduced her first client into her tanning booth, but when it was revealed that she’d forgotten to switch the machine on, a flicker of fear fleeted across both of their faces. A bad dress rehearsal was all it was and Helen went on to give beautiful bronzed fake tans throughout the day, chatting breezily with her customers and checking that they were happy with their treatment. 
However, this breezy charm soon turned to fury when she found out that Susan hadn’t sold as many products as she had promised. Helen backed Zoe’s corner in the ‘lotion showdown’, telling a baffled Susan ‘you’ve obviously got to take accountability’. Helen also brought her grievances with Susan into the boardroom, telling Lord Sugar ‘she didn’t seem to be aware of her own business’. Her team won the task and she left the boardroom to take part in her dance lesson, hopefully without orange knees. 

Episode Three: Helen sees the light


Helen’s suggestion for Project Manager was someone who was an ‘organizer, a delegator and a time manager’. Not volunteering her own skills, she vowed to be supportive when Susan stepped up to the helm. 
Quickly identifying a place to purchase chandelier bulbs, Helen helped the sub-team in securing many of the items needed from the hotel’s list, but got slightly eclipsed by Jim’s ability to flash ‘the Irish eyes’ and secure the deal in person. 
In the boardroom Helen also seemed to fall under the ‘Irish eyes charm’, when she agreed that Susan had been a good project manager and praised Jim’s leadership skills by stating, ‘Jim was a great sub leader as well’. Delighted to have won the task and to finally find a solution to that missing bulb problem, Helen went off with the rest of her team to enjoy her treat. 

Episode Two: Coulda, shoulda, woulda


During a lively brainstorm, Helen helped smooth a rift between Edna and Susan by trying to move things forward, promptly stating, ‘we need a new idea, really quick really simple’.

The new idea that was created came from the market research team, in the form of an annoying sounds App, named Ampi-App. Helen was on the team that produced the sounds for the App and her chorus of ‘surprise’ was done with enthusiasm and commitment. She suggested that Melody do the live pitch, as ‘it’s what she does for a living’ but was put firmly in her place by Edna, who had decided to do it herself.

When it was revealed that the girls had only secured one online magazine deal Helen remained positive, saying, ‘the mentality now is sell, sell, sell’. However, this positivity wasn’t echoed in the boardroom, with Helen admitting that she wasn’t behind the product and thought ‘we could have done better’.

Luckily for her the girls won the task. Maybe it was her unique rendition of ‘surprise’ that coined it; maybe not!

Helen was on winning team Venture.
App Downloads after 6 hours: just under 1000
Total downloads after 24 hrs: 10667

Episode One: Putting the gal in galvanize…


Helen went head-to-head with Melody to pitch for a team name but her suggestions of ‘Galvanize’ and ‘Platinum’, were both rejected in favour of Melody’s suggestion, ‘Venture’.

Not deterred, she put herself up to become Project Manager but was also rejected in favour of Melody. Taking both snubs with a smile, she told her nemesis that the team would be ‘right by you’. Ensconced on the pasta team Helen showed concern that the pasta wouldn’t be ready for the lunch-time rush.

Sadly, her concern didn’t speed up the manufacturing process and her fears became a reality.  Despite the vegetable pasta only making £37.28 profit, the girls managed to shine on the sales of their fruit pots and Helen was sent back to the house to enjoy being galvanized with a champagne reception.

Helen was on the winning team Venture. Their total profit was £592.

About Helen Louise

Stockport born Helen describes herself as ‘calm, loyal and tenacious’ and enjoys reading in her free time. A keen swimmer, she studied law at  university and climbed the ranks from part time work as a waitress to managing a restaurant before landing her role as Executive Assistant to the CEO of a bakery.

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