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Glenn Ward

Glenn Ward

Cites Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as his inspiration

Age: 28
Career: Senior Design Engineer
Lives: Hertfordshire

Boardroom Appearances countcount

Episode Seven: Glenn’s Saga…


Having decided on ‘over 60s’ as the concept for their free magazine, Glenn watched in horror as all of the team’s name suggestions were shot down in flames by the focus group. Trying to rescue the situation, Glenn suggested ‘The Old Boot’ and ‘The Old Soak’ as possible titles, but both were rejected in favour of ‘Hip Replacement’, an idea that Glenn got behind by gushing, ‘I like that’. 
Helping with the photo shoot by repeatedly chanting ‘No’ at the monitor, while Susan made her over 60s models attack each other with boxing gloves, it was soon time for Glenn’s talents to be used elsewhere. When Jim asked who was ‘buzzing’ to lead the pitch, Glenn backed out momentarily, but finally stepped up to the plate. There was a long silence when the magazine’s dubious title was questioned, but after a short intake of breath and the retort ‘Basically, the content is what sells it’, Glenn carried the pitch on successfully. 
When it was announced that Team Venture had lost the task, Jim decided that Glenn hadn’t contributed and brought him back into the boardroom. Glenn reeled off his business attributes, but Lord Sugar wondered if he was ‘a bit of a Del Boy’.  Lord Sugar concluded that, ‘I have never yet come across an engineer that can turn his hand to business’ and Glenn was fired. It is unclear whether he left in a taxi or a yellow three-wheeler. 


Episode Six:  One for sorrow, two for joy…


When the role of Project Manager was discussed, Glenn admitted that he’d had experience by meekly telling the others, ‘I was a driver’s mate, picking the rubbish up, no further than that’. He quickly opted out of the leadership role after Zoe had put her case forward so forcefully. 

Setting himself up as one of the waste collectors, Glen’s first task was to hunt for commercial rubbish that he could sell on. His search looked like it might fall at the first hurdle when he asked a removal company if they wanted to dispose of any waste. Teamed up with Leon, the boys adopted their magpie role and searched out valuable rubbish, scrap metal and anything that looked like it glittered. 
When Zoe admitted that she’d misunderstood the task and lost the commercial pitches, Glenn quickly changed from magpie to sage, telling her, ‘When the chips are down, this is when you have to step it up’. He was true to his word, lifting, scraping and helping secure the deal on the legendary ‘copper cylinders’. Although Glenn’s team lost the task by £6, he wasn’t brought into the boardroom, but his fellow candidates may want to consider locking up their silver in future. 


Episode Five: The Cat-alyst 


When Glenn was elected Project Manager by Lord Sugar, he confidently declared that, ‘I’m better than everyone else in this process’ and even went as far as to describe himself as a ‘catalyst’. So, it would seem that the task of creating, marketing and pitching a brand of cat food was in more than safe paws. 

Glenn didn’t have a strong start and floundered about in the brainstorming session, looking for ideas. However, when ‘fat cats’ was decided as a unique selling point Glenn sprang to life, instantly calling the product ‘Catsize’, a clever pun on motorway Cat’s-eyes, complete with a catchy, if not slightly confusing slogan, ‘see their light’. Unfortunately, his elected ‘sub team’ found the slogan so ridiculous, that they nearly fell off their chairs laughing. 
Glenn stood firm against his team’s ridicule, refusing to back down on the name, despite strong opposition and a few harsh words. It was a decision that would pay dividends when the industry professionals said that, ‘Catsize’ had been ‘thoroughly thought through’ as a brand and could appear as a product on the shelf. Lord Sugar awarded the win to team Venture, leaving Glenn feeling like the cat who got the cream. 


Episode Four: Tong, T, Tong, Tong, Tong


Glenn started off his venture into the beauty business with a hot curling tong and a dangerous amount of determination. Eagerly getting involved with the beauty manufacturers’ products, he went on to curl Susan’s hair, talk nail polish colours and enjoy a thoroughly relaxing foot rub. 

Having beaten the other team to acquiring the spray tan, it looked like Glenn was set to add a gentle bronzer to his list of personal spa treatments, but unfortunately for him, the clock was ticking. Set up in a shopping centre outside Birmingham city centre, Glenn went about pitching his pedicures and selling his spray tans, dressed in a very fetching beautician’s tabard. 
He supported Zoe in the boardroom and agreed with the other candidates that she was, ‘a very good’ team leader. When it was announced that Venture had won the task, Glenn went off to enjoy his treat - dance lessons. A soppy film and tub of ice cream and we could well have had a whole new Glenn on our hands. 


Episode Three: Bish, bash, cloche…


During the shake up of the teams, Glenn found himself on team Venture, led by Project Manager Susan. Using powers of deduction that would have put Miss Marple to shame, Glenn identified the mystery ‘cloche’ item as a ‘metal lid’ and headed off with Jim’s sub-team to search for the other items on the hotel’s list. 

Present at Jim’s infamous ‘steak deal’, Glenn tried to showcase his own sales skills but spent eight minutes haggling over the price of the mysterious cloche and ended up with a mere 44p off the sales price. 
A deal is a deal, however, and Glenn’s 44 pence masterpiece helped lead team Venture to a victory, albeit by £8 profit. Glenn lives to investigate another day. 

Episode Two: The Slang Gang…


Senior Design Engineer Glenn, was delighted to have his idea for an ‘accent imitator’ mobile phone App enthusiastically accepted by the other boys, claiming it was a ‘simple, cheeky, easy little App for people to have a bit of fun with’. Fun was the name of the game when he put his Liverpool and London accents to the test, recording the sound-bites and taking to the loud speaker at the games fair to push downloads.

After it was announced that the boys had lost the task, Glenn received a further blow when Project Manager Leon changed his mind at the last minute and brought him back into the boardroom.

Lord Sugar questioned if Glenn had the ability to be ‘technical and a good business man’, but decided against firing him.

Glenn was on losing team Logic.
App Downloads after 6 hours: just under 3000
Total downloads after 24 hrs: 3951

Episode One: Where’s the Logic?


Glenn was responsible for the team name Logic, claiming it was ‘clean and simple’, much to the agreement of the other boys. The boys decided on producing a liquid lunch of orange juice and soup, then set about acquiring the ingredients.  After the juicing equipment failed, the boys were tasked with squeezing 1400 oranges by hand.

Edward’s lack of planning and the fact that they had missed the breakfast rush angered Glenn, who took it into his own hands to ‘man up’ and give the squeezers his own motivational speech.

This didn’t go down well with Edward.  In the boardroom Glenn accused Edward of making ‘random decisions without any backing’. However, when it was announced that the team had lost, Glenn was spared a second trip to the boardroom and was sent back to the house.

Glenn was on losing team Logic. Their total profit was £432.13.

About Glenn

Glenn Ward took apart and rebuilt an entire computer aged 8 and his entrepreneurial streak ensued when he began washing cars in his local area at age 14. An amateur footballer, Glenn cites Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as his inspiration and describes himself as ‘an intelligent man with a dry sense of humour’ who can ‘read between the lines’.

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