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Gavin Winstanley

Gavin Winstanley

Started working life as a salesman at a high street clothing store

Age: 27
Career: Managing Director - Opticians
Lives: Liverpool

Boardroom Appearances countcount

Episode Three: Top hat and fail…


After electing himself to be Project Manager of the newly formed team Logic, Gavin’s first task was to identify the items from the hotel’s list. Having his fair share of egos to deal with, his situation wasn’t helped by the team’s lack of solid telephone leads and the growing confusion over the item ‘cloche’, which Gavin suspected to be a type of greenhouse. 
Gavin split the team in two, with Vincent heading up the sub-team and himself, Melody and Tom on the search for a top hat and ice. The shortage of solid leads left Gavin floundering and wandering aimlessly around North London. When desperation led him to approaching Top Hat Dry Cleaners to see if they could help him buy a top hat, it looked as if the cards were on the table. 
Team Logic lost out on a win by £8, leaving Gavin to decide who he was bringing back into the boardroom; Vincent and Zoe were the unlucky culprits. Gavin tried to defend himself by saying that his team members ‘allowed the whole thing to fail’, but Lord Sugar concluded that the task ‘was out of hand’ and Gavin was given a one way taxi ride out of the competition. 

Episode Two: Not App’y…


Gavin asked to see Leon’s credentials when he put himself forward for Project Manager, insisting that he wanted ‘to get the right person’. He also showed his disapproval of the team’s choice of mobile phone App saying, ‘if it was down to me I probably wouldn’t have chosen the App that we’ve gone for’.

With the pitches looming, Gavin hoped to be selected for the sales team and wasn’t afraid to show his annoyance when Leon didn’t select him as one of his ‘top sellers’. Despite all of his misgivings he still dressed up in a pink woolly hat and took to the stage at the gaming fair to sell his product Slangatang.

In the boardroom Gavin admitted that in hindsight the boys’ product wasn’t ‘a global application’, but everyone loves a pink woolly hat and Gavin was spared the firing line.

Gavin was on losing team Logic.
App Downloads after 6 hours: just under 3000
Total downloads after 24 hrs: 3951

Episode One: Battle of the broth…


Glasses aficionado Gavin went head-to-head against wheeler-dealer Edward for the Project Manager position. Gaining only two votes, Gavin was forced to take the back seat, but that didn’t stop him putting the squeeze on Edward’s management skills by saying, ‘If I was PM I would have a structure in place.’

After losing the task, it was up to the boys to dissect why. Gavin was brought back into the boardroom, despite having the second highest sales figures. Edward felt that although Gavin had put himself forward for the role of Project Manager, he’d done it ‘sheepishly, so that no one would be inspired.’

Gavin fought back in the boardroom and criticised Edward’s project management skills by saying, ‘you wanted to wear the hat, but you didn’t fulfil the role’. Lord Sugar decided he was happy with Gavin’s input into the task and told him he was safe.

Gavin was on losing team Logic. Their total profit was £432.13.

About Gavin

Gavin's first foray into working life was as a salesman at a high street clothing store - he was made a manager at the age of just 16. A passionate football fan, Gavin started up his own online opticians, which now has two high-street stores, after noticing the profit margins on glasses when working in a London department store.

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I've done it all, I've been the best at everything I've ever done

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