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Felicity Jackson

Felicity Jackson

Compares herself to Kanya King

Age: 23
Career: Entrepreneur Creative Arts
Lives: London

Boardroom Appearances countcount

Episode Four: Beauty school cop out…


Elected as Project Manager by Lord Sugar, Felicity claimed to be ‘so happy’ by the decision, saying she was right for the job as she is a ‘girly girl’.
Felicity chose a central location for her sales stand, with a beauty room three floors away, a decision that Tom queried. Pitching her fake hair as the latest Lady Gaga accessory, Felicity helped her product fly off the shelf. However, a failure to multitask saw her completely forget about selling the main part of the task, the treatments; therefore the beauty room remained unvisited for over three hours, an oversight that lost her team the task.  

Felicity’s team made a loss of £246.28 and when it was revealed that they had over bought on products and failed to sell enough treatments, Felicity could feel her mascara about to run. Although she tried to defend herself with an ‘Everybody said I was a good Project Manager’, she was fired and left without as much as a ‘goodbye’ from Ellie and Natasha. Ouch! 


Episode Three: Felici-tea gets spending…


Armed with £2000 and a business directory, Felicity enthusiastically set about securing telephone leads for the sales team. Eager to secure a bargain it was a little surprising that her first meeting was at an exclusive top hat shop favoured by the aristocracy. 

Felicity’s jaw hit the floor when she found out that a top hat may set her team back £365 and she tried in vain to barter the price down. Leaving the shop, Felicity became angry that there was no room for barter, but may have been influenced by her regal surroundings as she barked, ‘how greedy does one have to be?’ 

When the hat team eventually managed to secure their hat for a similarly lavish price and went on to talk about purchasing £900 worth of tea, Nick Hewer showed his alarm by saying, 'they keep flying into the most expensive places in town and it may cost them’. Luckily for Felicity, her team won the task and she was able to enjoy Lord Sugar’s treat without thinking about the bill. 


Episode Two: To link or not to link…


Felicity was appointed as part of the market research team by Project Manager Edna and took her job extremely seriously, trying to find out what type of Apps the public preferred. It was this knowledge and her idea for an App that eventually became the Ampi-App, the girls’ offering to the global mobile applications market.

She helped create the design for Ampi-App, but when the finished product arrived the girls queried its ‘randomness’. Felicity jumped to her App’s defence saying, ‘the link is there is no link…it’s random and it’s funny.’ In the boardroom Felicity was surprised to discover that five members of Team Venture didn’t think that they had a good product, claiming ‘that’s the first I’ve heard’. Things looked to be going disastrously wrong until it was revealed that the world loves an annoying noise and had downloaded in their thousands.

Felicity amplified a sigh of relief and returned to the house.

Felicity was on wining team Venture.
App Downloads after 6 hours: just under 1000
Total downloads after 24 hrs: 10667

Episode One: Fresh fruit fairy…


Felicity leapt straight into an advisory capacity on team Venture, suggesting that from the investment Lord Sugar had given them they should use ‘as little as possible’, to which the other girls agreed.  

This decision was flagged up by Susan as a bad one when they realised that they hadn’t got enough stock to make the fruit pots they required. Based in Canary Wharf, Felicity ensconced herself into the role of the fresh fruit fairy and sold her fruit pots to anyone who would buy. With a pitch including, ‘Have you had some fresh fruit yet? No? Thank God, I’m here’, it wasn’t long before she was low on stock.

The girls later joined the pasta team and helped push sales after the lunch-time rush had been missed. In the boardroom she praised Melody’s leadership qualities and when the girls returned to the house, even went as far as to raise a glass of champagne in her honour.

Felicity was on the winning team Venture. Their total profit was £592.

About Felicity

Felicity worked at a hairdressers as a teenager before going into children’s entertainment and eventually setting up her own company specialising in career development for actors. An avid fan of soaps and a trained actress, Felicity compares herself to Kanya King and is inspired by the T-Mobile brand.

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