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Ellie Reed

Ellie Reed

Once chased a burglar out of her house at 17

Age: 33
Career: Managing Director
Lives: Yorkshire

Boardroom Appearances countcount

Episode Five: In the dog house…


Ellie started the task determined to prove herself to Lord Sugar, telling Edna, ‘I’ll be working very hard today’. On team Logic she tried to push her idea of ‘nashers’, a dental hygiene product for dogs, but this was quickly thrown out by Vincent. 
Not deterred, Ellie got right down to the task of making a dog’s dinner and helping design the logo for the tin. When filming the commercial, Ellie attempted to give director Natasha her ideas, but was ignored making her fume, ‘I think it’s annoying and frustrating that my voice is not being heard.’
When it was announced that team Logic had lost the task, Ellie’s voice was given the perfect opportunity to be heard, when Vincent brought her back into the boardroom. Ellie used the excuse, ‘Maybe my voice isn’t as heard as other people’s’, but Lord Sugar didn’t buy it and told her, ‘I haven’t seen much of you Ellie, but I don’t think I could go into business with you’. Ellie was fired and left quietly. 


Episode Four:  The ‘wait’ of the world…


Ellie started the task by quizzing Project Manager Felicity on whether she was ‘right for the job.’ During the product pitch Ellie mused over the ranges but admitted she wasn’t ‘a girly girl’ so found if difficult to get excited about any of the products on offer. 
Setting herself up in the massage room, she waited for her first round of customers to arrive. Then she waited. Then she waited some more. Eventually she put a call in to Felicity to ask when the customers were coming and after being assured they were on their way, she settled down and… waited. Eventually customers did arrive and she showed quite a flair for rubbing hot seashells up and down their backs, but three hours had passed in the meantime. 
After it was announced that Logic had lost the task, Felicity immediately brought Ellie back into the boardroom saying, ‘you were not a team player in this task or any other task I’ve worked with you in’. Although Lord Sugar showed great concern at Ellie’s three-hour treatment room sit-in, he gave her another chance. All we’ll have to do now is ‘wait’ to see if he was right. 


Episode Three: A Bum Deal…


During the team shuffle Ellie found herself on team Logic and was given the task of finding 10 items for the Savoy’s grand opening. 
Placed on a sub-team with Vincent, she became angry when he interrupted her toilet roll sales pitch by speaking over her and taking the phone out of her hands. Claiming Vincent was ‘a wide boy’, Ellie finally managed to secure her toilet roll deal in person.
In the boardroom Ellie raised her grievance with Vincent claiming, ‘he wasn’t a good manager of me..’, with Natasha agreeing. When the decision of who to bring back into the boardroom was raised, Ellie found out that she was safe and able to return to the house with hopefully enough toilet rolls to last the entire series. 


Episode Two: Bark-it research…


Ellie’s first task on Team Venture was to take to the streets and find out what types of Apps the public found useful. ‘Time fillers’ was the general consensus. So Ellie couldn’t be blamed for looking slightly confused when an App was produced that featured elephants barking like dogs and Susan mooing like a cow.

Ever the professional, Ellie accompanied the sales team to online magazine pitches. However, when it became clear that their App was a little confusing, she sought comfort behind the safety of a giant white board, leaving the others to explain why the picture of an elephant was accompanied by a dog bark.

Having secured the pitch with Natasha and Zoe for the major online magazine, Ellie pointed out to Lord Sugar that although they had only won one pitch, it was ‘the big one’. It was announced that the girls’ global spin on their App had secured them a win and Ellie was allowed to go back to the house for a tasty treat.

Ellie was on winning team Venture.
App Downloads after 6 hours: just under 1000
Total downloads after 24 hrs: 10667

Episode One: Penne takers..?


Construction recruitment advisor Ellie got straight into the manufacturing process on team Venture by making the vegetable pasta for their lunch deal. Sadly, and by her own admission, ‘it wasn’t up to much’.  Feeling that the team would do better out of fruit sales than pasta, she questioned selling the product for £2.50.

Despite her doubts, she branded her ‘vegatable’ pasta stand and set about trying to push the product. The girls missed the lunchtime rush and failed to get the pasta delivered to the other location, leaving the fruit team to make the dash across London to help them sell

Despite only making a profit of £37.28 from their penne surprise, the girls won the task and were sent back to the house to enjoy a champagne reception - hopefully ‘healthy pasta’ wasn’t on the menu.

Ellie was on the winning team Venture. Their total profit was £592.

About Ellie

The Bradford born entrepreneur started her working life with a paper round and eventually went on to start a new business during a recession, playing a crucial role in helping the company become one of the most successful in its market. Golf lover Ellie describes herself as ‘positive, fun and driven’.

Check back for weekly updates on Ellie during the series ...

I'm just a nice person really, but I have got a dark side if somebody treats me badly

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