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Edna Agbarha

Edna Agbarha

Rose from working as a teenager on her uncle’s Covent Garden market stall.

Age: 36
Career: Business Psychologist
Lives: London

Boardroom Appearances countcount

Episode Six: Edna gets dumped…


Edna supported Zoe’s leap for leadership when she came on board as the new Project Manager for Team Logic. However, Edna’s first task was to break up a spat between Zoe and Susan at the commercial builders’ pitch. Singing from the same hymn sheet as Zoe, they both agreed that they should charge the builders for removing valuable office furniture and stainless steel.
Unfortunately for them their hymn was to turn into a requiem, when it was revealed that their quote wasn’t at all competitive and that they’d lost out on both pitches to the other team. Still, Edna busied herself by booking appointments, shifting heavy loads and standing on top of the truck to announce the time at ten minute intervals.
It was revealed that team Venture had lost the task, despite one of their appointments leading to the purchase of some very valuable copper canisters. Edna straightaway pointed out that it was her appointment, but Glenn shot her down by saying, ‘When an idea gets put forward, sometimes Edna will jump on the back, if it’s good’, to which Zoe agreed and brought her back into the boardroom. Lord Sugar summed up by saying, ‘You’re someone that wants to take credit for a lot of things, but it just don’t stack up’. Thus, Edna was disposed of….in the back of a taxi..


Episode Five: Cat in a hat?


Edna obviously enjoyed the beauty task so much that she decided to bring some of those ideas into the cat food brainstorming session. Suggesting that her team enlist the help of a long haired cat, so that they could put hair rollers in its fur for the TV commercial, she blamed her moment of madness on the fact that there was ‘no structure’ to the brainstorming session.  

The idea was thrown out and instead the team decided to go for the brand name of ‘Catsize’, a move that Edna supported, kind of. Helping Glenn work on the design for the brand, Edna showed a few eye rolling signs that she thought the product wasn’t going to work, but luckily for Glenn, decided not to voice too many of them. 
Leon complained to Edna that he thought that Glen had given him the task of pitching as a ‘strategic move’, but Edna reassured him by saying that Glenn wouldn’t have picked him unless he had ‘faith in you’. Edna found herself on the winning team once again and went off to mull over the marketing opportunity of ‘dogs in wigs’. 


Episode Four: Beauty and the least 


Firmly agreeing with the rest of her team on the out of town shopping complex being the best place to set up their stand and treatment room, Edna set about getting involved in the pitches from the beauty manufacturers. 

Settling on the products of nail polish and tanning lotions, as well as spray tans and foot rubs, Edna totted up the sales figures and showed concern when Susan wanted to overbuy on products. She was also quick to point out Susan’s lack of sales during the stock take, brushing over the fact that she herself had only sold ‘about five’ bottles of nail polish. 
Edna agreed that Zoe had been a good Project Manager and it was announced that her team had brought in a profit of £203 pounds and won the task. Edna went off to enjoy her dance class, wearing a more exceptional amount of nail polish than usual. 


Episode Three: Edna shows support


Edna and Susan had already had a couple of run-ins, so it was a little surprising when she supported Susan as Project Manager and helped her define her sales tactics by saying, ‘the key things are location and cost’. 
Edna was placed on the sub-team with Glenn, Jim and Helena and although she tried to participate into the steak deal, she was overpowered by some of the more forceful personalities in the group, mainly Jim. 
The sub-team went on to shine and managed to purchase the majority of items on the hotel list. In the boardroom Edna was uncharacteristically quiet, but was naturally delighted to find out that they’d won the task and went off to enjoy a treat from Lord Sugar. 

Episode Two: That’s Edna-tainment…


Selecting herself as Project Manager, Edna admitted that she was ‘tough and didn’t suffer fools gladly’. This character trait was proven when Susan struggled to get her concept for her App across to the rest of the team and was sternly silenced by Edna. Splitting the girls in two, Edna took the lead from her market research team and Felicity who came up with the idea for Ampi-App - noises to shock, annoy and surprise.

When faced with the decision of who should pitch to the industry experts at the gaming fair, Edna selected herself, despite Melody’s insistence that she was the more qualified. Edna’s pitch was more of a giant glitch and as well as forgetting to mention where they could download the App, she even made Karren Brady go as far as to say she had ‘wasted a great opportunity’.

Edna looked a little relieved when it was announced that the girls had won the task and was sent back to the house to enjoy a special culinary treat. Let’s hope humble pie wasn’t the first course.

Edna was on wining team Venture.
App Downloads after 6 hours: just under 1000
Total downloads after 24 hrs: 10667

Episode One: Show me the money…


Edna claimed that she loved to ‘challenge herself’ and would rather ‘seek out pain than pleasure’, so it wasn’t a great surprise when she opted to take charge of the whole money side of the girls’ fruit and pasta venture.

Taking on a ‘very important task’, Edna locked horns with Melody and Susan when she felt decisions were being made without her say-so. She also made the executive decision not to invest the whole budget into product.

Instead, she chose to keep some of Lord Sugar’s money back, claiming ‘it doesn’t matter how much we’ve got left, it matters how much we’re selling it for’.  Edna headed up the pasta team and despite missing the lunch-time rush and not getting stock delivered to the other location, the girls won the task. Edna was safe to return to the house, but not before Lord Sugar had pointed out that if they had have invested more of his money, they could have more than tripled their return.

Edna was on the winning team Venture. Their total profit was £592.

About Edna

One of ten siblings, London born Edna rose from working as a teenager on her uncle’s Covent Garden market stall to her first position as a Business Psychologist and coach. Edna holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology, two Masters degrees and enjoys cycling in her free time.

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I'm the type of person who likes to get to the root cause of the problem

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