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Alex Britez Cabral

Alex Britez Cabral

Describes himself as ‘ambitious, driven, and extremely focused’

Age: 28
Career: Estate Agent Manager
Lives: London

Boardroom Appearances countcount

Episode Two: Hiding in the bushes

After being criticized by Lord Sugar during the last task for being too ‘back office’, the selection of Project Manager could have been the perfect place to shine, but even though all the boys put themselves up for the role, Alex opted out of the running saying ‘there are better people placed to lead from the front’.

The boys’ team decided on an accent slang imitator as their mobile App choice, with Alex showing a strong flair for the Welsh farmer dialect, although his suggestion of using sheep in his sound bite was considered offensive. At the gaming fair he even went as far as to dress up in a Welsh flag, flat-cap and comedy sideburns.

Sadly for Alex, this wasn’t a fancy dress competition and after the boys failed the task, he was brought back into the boardroom. Accused of being a ‘spectator’ he put up a good argument to stay, with even Karren Brady saying that in the boardroom Alex ‘comes to life’, but it wasn’t enough, Lord Sugar decided that he didn’t want to go into business with someone who ‘hides in the bushes’. Alex was the second candidate to be fired.

Alex was on the losing team Logic.
App Downloads after 6 hours: just under 3000
Total downloads after 24 hrs: 3951

Episode One: The soup drag-on…

Lord Sugar gave the boys’ team £250 to invest in fruit and vegetables and, after a brief discussion, it was decided soup and orange juice were the way forward.

Estate Agent Alex felt more at home in the role, making sure that the soup sales team was provided with ‘what they need when they need it’. Basing himself in the ‘fixed unit’ or ‘soup van’ as it was also known, he also showed a flair for using a ladle, cutting bread and cleaning.

Alex was asked by Lord Sugar to defend his sales of only nine soups. He did so by stating ‘had there been no back office, there would have been no front line sales.’ Alex wasn’t brought back into the boardroom and lives to ladle another day.

Alex was on losing team Logic. Their total profit was £432.13.

About Alex

Motorbike enthusiast Alex describes himself as ‘ambitious, driven, and extremely focused’. Born and raised in London, Alex’s first job was making tea in a small estate agents before becoming a thriving agent himself. His greatest achievement is taking a business losing money and turning it around to a fast growing profitable business within twelve months.

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I've got a good head on my shoulders. I'm intelligent, driven, ambitious

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